Rand Paul on Flat Tax: “The Church Never Asked for More than 10%”

rand paul Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) makes a simple argument for simplifying the nation’s tax system.  “The Church never asked for more than 10%.  I don’t understand why the government should get any more.”  Fair point.

He says you should write down your income, multiply by 10% and send it in.  Another fair point.  But how would “we” make up for the loss of tax revenue?  After all, even Steve Forbes said the “flat tax” rate would have to be somewhere near 17%.  Rand Paul’s solution?  Make the government smaller.  Yet another fair point.

He says the problem is that while there are plenty of people in favor of lowering taxes, there is a shortage of people willing to spend less.


It seems to me that Senator Paul may be among a very small group of elected officials in Washington that actually “gets” it.  While I cannot say I agree with him across the board, I do believe he is at least speaking the right language.  The vast majority of these folks seem hellbent devoted to tax and spend gibberish that completely misses the issue – we aren’t just broke.  The system is broke; and it’s time for drastic changes.

Anyone that’s ever taken a class in “Federal Personal Income tax”, explored the tax code, or even attempted to do their own taxes knows that our current tax system is ridiculous bordering on criminal.  There’s simply no reason for a system to exist that is so complicated that the average American has to pay someone to do their taxes – period.  One of my biggest surprises in law school came the first week when a seasoned professor was asked for “one piece of advice for an up-and-coming attorney.”  His response?  “Don’t do your own taxes.  Attorneys don’t do taxes; and especially not their own.  You’re asking to be audited.”

As a student blinded in part by arrogance and optimism, I was appalled.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  If attorneys can’t figure out the tax code, how the hell was the American public supposed to navigate their way through the process?

They can’t.

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