Weiner, Weiner, Weiner… “Can’t Say With Certitude” That Photo Wasn’t Him

Rep Anthony Weiner New York WeinergateI was listening to Fox News while catching up on some emails and couldn’t help but notice that Shep Smith kept saying over and over again “I can’t say with certitude”… fill in the blank.  If he said it once, he said it 50 times.  I wasn’t sure if I was just feeling my daily overload of Fox News and Mr. Smith or if the guy was really overkilling that line unintentionally.  It was as if he’d just learned a new word and was determined to squeeze it in wherever he could. The demonstration got so bad that I had to turn it off.  Getting back to emails, I clicked on one from a friend – who happens to think he’s rather clever.

SUBJECT LINE:  “I Can’t Say with Certitude” but You May be a Tool if You Don’t Come Out for Drinks

Coincidence?  Not hardly.  This guy’s not that sharp; and no way he’s got the same word-of-the-day calendar as Shep Smith.  So I opened it up and found this link – along with some banter questioning my manhood and loyalty among many other things not suitable for mass distribution.

Weiner: “I Can’t Say With Certitude” That Picture Isn’t Of Me

Are you kidding me dude?  After this ridiculous performance yesterday?  Now you’re going to walk this thing back and play the befuddled “I can’t say with certitude” card?  Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame…

I thought you weren’t going to get distracted with this anymore? What happened?  Having second thoughts about calling a “friendly media” outlet’s producer a “jackass?”  Bet you wish you could have that one back.  With one word, you elevated this story to the “sticking it to the a-hole” status – even among your allies in the MSM.


So what’d you say this time Mr. Weiner?

From HuffPo via The Other McCain:

A day after telling reporters that he’s “not going to talk about this anymore,” Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) broke his silence Wednesday about the controversy surrounding a lewd photo sent from his Twitter account.
“This was a circumstance where someone committed a prank on the internet,” he told MSNBC’s Luke Russert. “I didn’t send [that] picture out” the congressman said, though he does not know who did. Is the photo of him? “I can’t say with certitude” he told Russert.

H/T The Other McCain:

See what makes this story funny (to me) is the fact that it resurrected itself today via a fraternity brother who probably holds the keys to a vault of “dirt” on me damning enough to bury a nun.  Before today, I was inclined to call upon my college years for guidance in establishing a “theory of the case.”  But like I said, that was before today.  I was convinced that Weiner either A) Had a few beers and sent a pic to a friend for laughs – not the way to get a chuckle out of me; but who am I to judge?  B) Had a few beers with his friends and a friend got his hands on Weiner’s computer.  After finding a shameless self-portrait of the Congressman, said friend decided to Tweet it to his followers – or maybe even another friend for kicks.  Or C) Weiner had a few beers all by his lonesome and decided to send a pic of lil Weiner to one of his Tweet-hearts – confused by the brews, he couldn’t handle his Twitter account or his alcohol.

You see the theme there?  I was convinced the reason Rep Weiner was reluctant to press charges was due to the fact that he probably knew who was responsible; or was himself responsible for the Twitpic.  Not wanting to reveal a night of boozing and a Tweetin, he hoped the story would simply go away.  And then he went and called a CNN producer a “Jackass.”

So, that brings me to my new and updated theory of the case.  A,B, and C above may still apply.  The only difference is someone else is now involved – either the person that received it or someone that has seen the original Twitter correspondence.  Weiner knows it will eventually come out, so he’s doing a little preemptive damage control.

And then there’s also theory D.  That’s the new and fresh one that today’s revelation has spawned.  Maybe, just maybe, Weiner was really sending lewd photos to a woman; or women.  Either way, he’s screwed.  If it’s “women”, the first pic will certainly not be the last.  Add that to the fact that unless the Congressman from New York is randomly sending around pictures of his junk upon Twitter following notification, I’d say there’s probably quite a trail that will tell one interesting tale.

More when we have it.  Unfrigginbelievable.

Michelle Malkin adds an interesting tidbit and offers up a more than fitting “drinking game” for those interested in having a little fun at Weiner’s expense.

Fun fact: Per Debra J. Saunders, Fox notes this morning that former GOP Rep. Christopher Lee’s Craigslist fiasco received three times more coverage than Weiner-gate.

I think that’s rapidly shifting.

Another Weiner train-wreck press conference is expected later this afternoon.

Drinking-game participants: Take a shot every time he says “debt ceiling,” “Clarence Thomas,” and “jackass.”

Ace covers an interview with Wolf Blitzer – Weiner is beyond evasive.  Have a look.

A new thread up at Memeorandum as well…

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