Anthony Weiner Calls Cops… on CBS Reporter Asking Weinergate Questions

Anthony Weiner Calls CopsAnyone else wondering when this story gets weird enough that people start asking the question whether Congressman Weiner has dreamed it up as some sort of overly dramatic self-destruction scheme?  I mean, after all, he’s been but a footstep out of crazy town for quite some time.  Is it really going that far out on the limb to wonder if he’s trying to make a shamefully public exit?

This guys’ as arrogant as anyone you could find – anywhere – but he’s not stupid.  He has to know that he’s turned a Twitter gaffe into a week-long controversy; and it just keeps getting bigger.


CBS NEW YORK:  Congressman Anthony Weiner said Thursday he’s finished talking about the lewd photo sent from his Twitter account.

But he still wouldn’t say whether he’s the one in the picture.

So CBS 2 political reporter Marcia Kramer decided to go to his office on Capitol Hill to try to get you some answers.

You’ll never believe what happened.

Kramer tried to get an interview with the six-term New York Democrat and as a result had the cops called on her.

Kramer walked in to Weiner’s office, announced herself as being from CBS 2 in New York City and said she’d like to see the congressman. Those few words created quite the stir. Doors slammed and people pretended she wasn’t there.

Finally, brave press secretary David Arnold arrived. The following is the exchange Kramer had with him:

Kramer: “All I want is for him to say something to his constituents, the people who have to vote for him.”

Arnold: “I don’t think you can say he hasn’t said anything to his constituents. He spoke for nine hours yesterday.

Kramer: “But not to anyone in New York. You know, this is the sort of in-the-bunker in the capitol, not to anyone in New York.”

After Kramer left Weiner’s office, his staff called the Capitol Police.

Police officers asked for identification. One cop told Kramer that if she went into Weiner’s office and didn’t leave if she was asked, she could be arrested.

“If you go to an office and are asked to leave, you can be placed under arrest,” Officer Michael Miller said.

To hell with the First Amendment and the Free Press that rode in on it.  Weinergate’s gonna get some folks arrested!!

Will someone please just ask him to hand in the keys and turn off the lights on his way out already?  I’m really getting tired of following this story.  Being able to include the word “weiner” in my titles was fun for about a day; maybe two, but this is getting ridiculous.  Come on Congressman.  Either come out with the real story or just get the hell out of town, and let the rest of us go back to following the important stuff like Sarah Palin eating pizza with Donald Trump or the Former Governor sharing the story of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride.

Man I hate slow news weeks…

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  1. Beau
    June 6, 2011 at 3:10 am

    Except that he did give interviews to several in the New York press on the same day he gave several interviews on the national stage. No story here, but I’m not surprised to see it on this site.

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