Anthony Weiner’s Wiener Photo Leaked – By Opie and Anthony?

I’m sure you knew it would just be a matter of time before this got out…  Anthony Weiner’s X-Rated crotch shot has been leaked – courtesy of Opie and Anthony.  Just a few disclaimers… 1)This picture’s not been confirmed or substantiated.  It’s an Internet story and nothing more at this point.  It could be Opie or Anthony’s junk for all we know.   Breitbart’s said nothing, so I’m going on the assumption the picture’s a fake, for now.  2) Don’t click on the thing unless you really want to see it.  I’m not plastering it up here for a reason.  Like I said, it’s a picture of a crotch.  Just be real about it.  When was the last time you really wanted to see a picture of a crotch.  Now click on it if you must.

Opie'd eye - this is a pic from @ phone of the infamous weiner @ @
opie radio

I’ve yet to find confirmation from Breitbart that the photo is authentic; or that he showed the photo to Opie and Anthony.  Expect the Left to quickly return to the “Blame Breitbart” narrative that surrounded the story for much of the last two weeks.

Because Breitbart has been emphatic about not releasing the photo unless Weiner attempted to “strong arm” the women involved here, I can’t help but have my suspicions about the photo and its origin.  I’ll have more when I find it.

There’s a thread up at Memeorandum.  Still no confirmation…

Breitbart’s issued a statement…

“Earlier today, a photograph resembling one that I had withheld from publication in the Weinergate saga was released without my knowledge or permission.

Prior to the publication of our story on and this past Monday morning, it was necessary to show the pictures I had received from our source to several news producers, including several at major news networks, to prove that the additional material I described really did exist, which some have continued to doubt.

This morning, I showed a photograph, which our source claims Weiner sent her, to radio hosts “Opie and Anthony” of the Sirius XM radio network on my mobile device. Somehow, without my knowledge or permission, apparently a picture was taken of my mobile device, and subsequently published by Opie (Gregg Hughes) on Twitter.

His co-host, Anthony (Anthony Cumia), stated today:

“In regards to the photo of Anthony Weiner that was leaked by members of The Opie And Anthony show on 6/8, I want to make it clear that Andrew Breitbart had no knowledge that this photo was being made public. A phone with the photo was being displayed and a camera in the studio caught it. It was then uploaded to twitter [sic], again, without Andrew Breitbarts [sic] knowledge.”

I regret that this occurred.”

Opie and Anthony have responded as well… From Mediaite:

“Unfortunately, I don’t think we were thinking at the time because I don’t think Andrew Breitbart is too happy with us right now. I’ll say it again, I’m convinced that Andrew Breitbart did not want this picture to be released at this time. Unfortunately, it was. What are you gonna do?”


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  3 comments for “Anthony Weiner’s Wiener Photo Leaked – By Opie and Anthony?

  1. June 8, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    Opie and Anthony have serious issues. Seriously they want people to believe they didn’t leak it on purpose? Please. Aren’t these the same men who asked people to have sex in church?

  2. steve
    June 18, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    It’s poetic justice that Breitbart was burnt by two guys who think it’s funny to play tapes of Adolph Hitler while interviewing a Holocaust survivor.

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