Aircraft Carrier Landing At Night (Video)

Aircraft Carrier PhotoI have a dear friend so in the loop of political forwarding’s that I’m quite certain her Inbox would make even the most committed blogger blush – so much so that I’m thinking of running a daily/weekly post devoted to sharing the stuff she sends my way.  Some of it is ridiculous and some of it is garbage that I wouldn’t forward let alone post here; but I still love it – the fact that she sends it to me and the fact that people are sending this stuff around. Annnnddd every once in a while, there’s a gem.  Here’s one.

If you had to make a list of the most dangerous jobs on the planet; I’m quite certain crab fishing would take a back seat to just about every occupation featured in these videos.

Just for the record before you watch… THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION FOR FORWARDED EMAILS. I liked her before she started sending me this stuff.

Be sure to watch both videos.  The second without the first would give you no perspective as to how dangerous the conditions were for landing even in daylight.

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