Freestyle Soccer Tricks (VIDEO); Coolest Thing I’ve Seen in Weeks; Iya Traore Juggling

Iya Traore Juggling ParisI don’t care if you like soccer, love soccer, or hate soccer; you’re going to absofrigginlutely love this video.   Dude is incredible.   And how could anyone not respect a Frenchman juggling a soccer ball on a ledge, climbing lampposts, and rocking out to Whitney Houston?  I say no one.

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Pretty sure this is the same guy…  From what I tell my checking out other similar videos uploaded to YouTube, the guy’s name is Iya Traore

Oh and dude’s got a website… This guy’s incredible.

It seems there’s some sort of French territory restriction on the videos at his site, so YouTube is it for now… Here’s his channel

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