Rick Santorum’s 0-0-0 Plan Unveiled; Not to be Confused with Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan

Rick Santorum for PresidentI wonder if the Herman Cain camp knew when they were drafting the 9-9-9 Plan that it would catch on the way it has.  I’m certain they thought it was “catchy”, but I wonder if they actually saw it as a path that could ultimately lead their candidate to the front of the pack?  Forget that, could they have even dreamed of other candidates trying to “copy” it?

I know they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but was the 3-number thing really the most creative model they could have landed on?

For what it’s worth, I guess it worked.  It got my attention.  Had it not called upon the Herman Cain plan, I probably would have dismissed it like I have Santorum’s campaign for much of the primary race to this point.  Seeing a 0-0-0 plan, I felt almost compelled to see if he was talking about “zero” taxes across the board.

Can’t say I was all that surprised to find out – he was not…

What they are talking about with the oh-so-creative 0-0-0 plan is this…

  • 0 taxes on the repatriation of overseas assets
  • 0 taxes on domestic manufacturing
  • 0 regulations – as in eliminating the entirety of the Obama Administration’s regulatory scheme

Santorum unveiled his new plan at the Values Voters Summit Friday – a venue where each of the major presidential contenders will also spend time this weekend.  I thought the decision to talk “economics” there – for Santorum – was a good one.  If he has a “problem” with his candidacy, it’s most certainly not his positions on social issues – at least not with conservatives.  Using part of his time to discuss how social and economic issues go hand-in-hand is a good approach for the long-shot candidate.  I’m just not certain that the effort will produce the desired results.

As I’ve said here before, I’ve been more than impressed with Santorum throughout this campaign.  I came in with “zero” expectations and thought his chance of winning the nomination was well… “zero.”  I still believe his chances have only minimally improved, but he has more than impressed me in the debates.  I think this 0-0-0 angle is lame, shamefully un-creative, and probably too little too late; but with the way this race has been going, he’s only an implosion away from being a front-runner.  Writing anyone in this field off for dead is not a step I’m willing to take.

Actually scratch that.  Anyone not named Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, or (dare I say it) Ron Paul.

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