Top Five Viral Sports Videos of 2011?

It’s that time of year.  You know, the time of year where folks compile the “best of” lists compiling the greatest moments in this and that for the given calendar year.  I pass on most of them; but on occasion, I feel somewhat compelled to share the compilation.  Here’s the “best in viral sports videos” from Fox Sports; and a few I added just for good measure.  Enjoy.

The list from Fox Sports features the obligatory trick shot videos, a bowling clip that is anything but amazing, crying toddler football fans, and Ronaldo and his Real Madrid teammates dropping the Copa Del Rey trophy off the side and under the bus.  The top spot in their collection went to a video that never made its way across my desk or to my inbox  - a guy’s riding his mountain bike off-road – some place not in Wisconsin – when out of nowhere, he gets speared by an antelope?

Video: 2011 Year in Review: Top Viral Videos

Matrix juke…?  Unreal.
Video: Unbelievable ‘Matrix’ Juke

Unbelievable catch…  Pretty much a combination of at least 4 previous “catch of the year” candidates…
Video: Montana St. WR’s crazy catch

Moses parts the Red Sea at a basketball game.  Pretty cool on YouTube, but I’m fairly certain the guy that came up with it is a world class tool…  Who wears a Moses costume to a high school basketball game?  Oh, right.  That Dude. 
Video: Moses parts the Red Sea Pt. 2

Hanging out?  Seems pretty lame at first.  I mean, who cares about some pull-ups?  Watch this video.  Pretty flipping amazing.

Video: Super human pullups

Or my personal favorite, Iya Traore juggling.  Hands down the coolest video I saw all year.

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