The Great One Mark Levin Talks “Ameritopia” on Hannity (VIDEO)

AmeritopiaI’m not sure if I’ve shared this here before or not; but I was in my first year of Law School in New York City during the Bush v. Kerry presidential contest, and was surrounded by an overwhelming majority of liberals for the first time in my life as a product of Tennessee.  Had it not been for a new friend I “met” shortly after arriving in the Big Apple, I’m not sure I could have made it through that semester without going to jail for punching a liberal – or twelve.  That “friend” was a voice on AM radio – none other than Mark Levin.  While I was always a fan of conservative talk radio, Levin’s program (at the time) had not yet reached Nashville airwaves.  Accordingly, he was a new voice to me and one that resonated unlike any I’d come across in a long history of listening to similar programs.

Levin is a Constitutional scholar and a deeply committed defender of Liberty and Founding Principles.  His take on conservatism is unimpeachable and his delivery in sharing that message is – from where I sit – without equal.  Whether behind a microphone or putting pen to paper, Levin is the preeminent “voice” of conservatism in this generation, period.

But enough of that.  As you can see in this interview, he’s not one for hearing that kind of lofty praise.  He broadcasts from a “bunker” because he’s anything but comfortable in front of a camera.  That said, he ventures out from time-to-time for brief appearances such as this to share his work and to promote the fundamental principles promoted therein.  If you’ve never picked up one of his books, you’ll no doubt be surprised by how effortless he makes the undertaking of reading what could amount to a political treatise.  He covers heady topics with a conversational style that can appeal to anyone from any walk of life.  Whether you’re a casual observer of all things political or a 24/7 political junkie, you are destined to be entertained and educated with every turn of the page.

As to “Ameritopia”, I’ve yet to read the book.  I actually plan to purchase a copy this weekend and read it along with another book I recently received “A Nation of Moochers: America’s Addiction to Getting Something for Nothing” by Charles J Sykes.  I’ll be sure to report back to you on both once I have completed them.

But until then, you can purchase Mr. Levin’s book or Mr. Sykes book here…

And here’s the interview with Hannity…

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