Senator Corker: Obama Budget Makes Mockery of the American People (VIDEO)

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker responded to President Obama’s 2013 budget proposal Monday in a press conference at the Capitol and appeared anything but pleased with the leadership the nation’s Chief Executive is offering on the subject of debt and deficit reduction.  Just in case you’ve yet to catch the high points of the proposal; under the president’s plan, the budget deficit for FY 2013 (which begins in October) would still come in at a whopping $901 BILLION.

Senator Corker says there’s a “deficit of leadership” which has left him “highly disappointed.”  He went on to say “It’s as if we all don’t realize that not only is this a fiscal issue, but the biggest issue our country faces; the biggest enemy of our country is ourselves.”

” It’s almost as if the administration has become flippant on this issue.”

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