Chris Christie: “Damn man, I’m governor… Could you just shut up for a second?” (VIDEO)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the gift that keeps on giving for those of us in the 24/7 news world.  He’s doubly awesome in weeks like this where much of what most would call “news” really boils down to little more than primary polling, Peyton Manning, and college basketball.

I suppose this was a town hall event somewhere in New Jersey.  I’ll inquire further, but does anyone really care are the particulars here?

Didn’t think so.

The video begins with what seems to be a reasonable question from a young man described in the caption as William Brown “Rutgers Camden Law Student.”  The clip I’ve posted doesn’t show the back-and-forth the governor finishes the clip talking about; but for the sake of entertainment, we’ll just assume it was there.

“Damn man, I’m governor.  Could you just shut up for a second?”

H/T BuzzFeed:

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