Tom Friedman on Raising the Gas Tax? – Absolutely (VIDEO)

“Absolutely.  We’ve got to find a way to diminish use and encourage use of renewables.”

Continuing the Sunday theme of strangely composed panel and round table discussions, Meet the Press tapped New York Times columnists David Brooks and Tom Friedman  as well as former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. for a discussion of the weekly hot button topics.  And they threw in Morning Joe Scarborough, sidekick Mika Brzezinski, and author John Meacham for good measure.  Since David Gregory was on vacation, Scarborough ran the panel.

A discussion of gas prices and their potential impact on 2012 elections ensued, and Tom Friedman used the opportunity to remind us that he’s written a book, or two.  The real attention grabber came at the end of his self-promoting rant.

SCARBOROUGH:  How big of an issue are gas prices going to be moving forward through the Fall?

FRIEDMAN:  They’re clearly big issues.  Any time in the past we’ve seen them, they can be debilitating for whoever is in power.  Joe, I’m a big believer that the world is getting flat, hot, and crowded.  Hot – Global warming; Flat – more people can see how we live, aspire to how we live and there are just going to be more people.  A lot of people don’t believe in hot.  Take that off.  You better believe the world is getting flat and crowded.  More people and more who want to live like us, drive American cars, live in American homes and eat an American Big Mac.  In a flat and crowded world, prices will only go one way.  We need a grand bargain between the industry and the environmental community that says we’re going to exploit this bounty we have of natural gas but we are gong to do it at the highest environmental standards and with a strategy, not just all of the above.  That’s not a strategy.  An energy strategy that puts up on a course for using less energy, much greater efficiency, and to more renewables so we aren’t in this position in another four years.

SCARBOROUGH:  So, you support the president’s policies that were struck down in the Senate this week.  You also said a higher gas tax is not a bad thing.

FRIEDMAN:  Absolutely.  We’ve got to find a way to diminish use and encourage use of renewables.  We’ve been doing this for thirty years.  We’re always in the same place because we never put ourselves on a trajectory to get out of this place.

Absolutely.  We’ve got to find a way to diminish use and encourage use of renewables.

There it is folks.  The two-pronged agenda of the Left in the world of energy policy.  It’s not about lowering prices for the middle class common man average consumer.  It’s about curbing consumption and encouraging alternative energy options.  That’s more or less the Obama administration’s energy policy in a nutshell.  The only difference is Tom Friedman’s just arrogant enough to admit it on national television.

When the American People go to the election booth in November they will “absolutely” have a choice between two paths.  They can support the candidate and the Party that will take every step imaginable to facilitate domestic drilling and exploration; the side of the debate that thinks Canada is a more reliable trading partner than Venezuala and Saudi Arabia; and the candidates that are willing to tap the vast resources at our disposal in the form of natural gas.  Or they can support social engineering  enviro-nut big government bureaucrats that follow Friedman’s flawed view of the world and see gas prices – and the price of everything else in our economy – go through the roof in the name of “encouraging the use of renewables.”


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