John McCain: Sarah Palin for VP; Time for Santorum’s “Graceful Exit” (VIDEO)

Even John McCain couldn’t hold in the laughter as he was asked to weigh in on the vice presidential short list as the Party moves to coalesce around front-runner Mitt Romney.  The Senator from Arizona and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, of course, said he thought the spot on the ticket should go to Sarah Palin.  More laughs immediately followed.  (Including my own)

CBS NEWS:  Sen. John McCain says Rick Santorum should recognize “it’s time for a graceful exit” from the Republican presidential campaign in the wake of Mitt Romney’s sweep of primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

McCain also tells “CBS This Morning” there’s a strong field of Republicans who could be the vice presidential candidate.

“I think we have some very qualified candidate, obviously Marco Rubio is in the top tier, Chris Christie, there are a number of candidates we have out there, Bobby Jindal, Mitch Daniels. We have a wealth of talent out there and I am sure that Mitt will make the right choice,” McCain said, referring the Florida senator, and three governors from New Jersey, Louisiana and Indiana, respectively.

“Obviously it’s a tough choice,” McCain said with a chuckle.”

In fairness to McCain, what else was he going to say?  Did you expect him to leave out the woman he helped thrust upon us?  She’s bigger and more formidable now than she was four years ago when – maybe – four people knew who she was outside the Palin clan.  Can she really be left off the list?

Absolutely!  Stop kidding yourself.  That whole ticket was toxic and anyone looking to McCain for presidential campaign advice probably ought to reevaluate a few things in life.


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  2 comments for “John McCain: Sarah Palin for VP; Time for Santorum’s “Graceful Exit” (VIDEO)

  1. SeeingDouble
    April 4, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    For a moment McCain showed some class when he defended Sarah after that pack-of-lies HBO film came out. But here he is again, loving to be the only Republican with an open invitation to pontificate on the MSM, and what does he do? Poke the woman who almost got him elected in the eye with a slapstick.

    I had to choke back vomit when I filled in the dot next to McCain’s name in ’08. But I gladly voted for Sarah Palin. I would do it again were she to be Romney’s running mate. But she shouldn’t run: she is red meat to the MSM.

    • April 4, 2012 at 2:54 pm

      I share you displeasure with Senator McCain – generally and with this interview. I pulled the lever with my Left hand when I voted for the guy and hated every moment of it. I agree too that Palin joining this race would be a nightmare. While I’m not a “Palin fan”, I can’t even begin to imagine the creative ways the MSM would attempt to smear her if she was on that ticket.

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