The Masters: Obama Weighs in On Augusta National Membership Policy (VIDEO)

Through Press Secretary Jay Carney Thursday, President Obama weighed in on the Augusta National – the golf club that hosts The Masters – policy that excludes women from membership.  With feminist groups fully engaged in their annual protests of the event and the club that hosts it, I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone in the White House press pool managed to get Carney or the POTUS on the record.

“It is obviously up to the club to decide, but his personal opinion is that women should be admitted to the club.”

How bout a hearty dose of political pandering?

I guess we can assume that the president knows numerous courts have confirmed that no laws are being broken with their membership policy.  I say assume because I think it’s rather clear at this point that President Obama’s CLE training is at least a few years overdue – although, Eric Holder did just go through a refresher course.  So, he knows it is “obviously up to the club to decide.”

The second part – his “personal opinion” which Carney so eloquently shared – is that women should be admitted to the club.  Fair enough.  He’s entitled to his opinion.  Free Country and all that.  The only problem is that feminist groups like the ones picketing and calling for the boycott of sponsors don’t believe the folks at Augusta National are entitled to opinions of their own.

Not wanting to get into an hour-long rant about restrictive clubs, organizations, etc., I will only add that I think it’s more than hilarious that in 2012, we have a Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and a Latino-Jewish Caucus in Congress; but the President of the United States has a problem with an all-male golf club in Georgia.

That’s progress…


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