Obama’s North Carolina Courtship May Drive Wedge with Gay Community; Young Voters

For much of this president’s first term, I’ve operated under the assumption that while growing government was a cornerstone of his underlying ideological aspirations, his true agenda would reveal itself if and when he was elected to a second term.  He’s already made it abundantly clear that re-election would afford him “flexibility” in foreign affairs.  Why would issues on the domestic front be any different?  Same Sex Marriage, Abortion, Amnesty for illegal aliens, you name it.  It’s coming.

The problem for President Obama is getting re-elected and still running away from every domestic issue that “Hope and Change” insinuated or implied would come with his historic election in 2008.  He may have every intention of making Same Sex Marriage / Gay Rights part of his second term agenda; he just can’t even begin to hint at it if he wants to carry states like North Carolina that helped him claim victory over John McCain.

The Washington Post says North Carolina is “More Evidence of His Delicate Approach to Gay Rights.”

Two weeks from now, North Carolina will hold a public referendum on what could become one of the toughest anti-gay measures in the country: a far-reaching proposal to amend the state constitution to ban civil unions and domestic partnerships. But President Obama is not expected to touch the subject when he appears in Chapel Hill on Tuesday — even though it is roiling the electorate there.

Instead, Obama will talk about college loans, his aides said, kicking off a two-day, three-state tour designed to energize the youth vote. His delicate sidestep of Amendment One, a ballot initiative to be decided May 8 that would recognize marriage between a man and a woman as the only legal domestic partnership in North Carolina, is seen by some as another sign that he is not fully committed to gay rights — an interpretation that could dampen the enthusiasm of the young voters he is trying to court.

So, what’s the call?  Tackle Gay Rights head on; or pitch lower interest rates to college students?  Does it really matter?  The fact that the president continues to punt on issues important to the Gay community inevitably costs him points with that demographic – and younger generations of Americans who care even less about government defining marriage than they do about interest rates on student loans.  But is either group really going to run to the Republican Party as a result – or even vote for that matter?

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