Stephanie Cutter Blames Bush for Not Being Better Off than Four Years Ago (VIDEO)

Blame BushObama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter joined former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley for a panel discussion with Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation Sunday and once again reminded me why she’s inching ever closer to challenging Debbie Wasserman Schultz for the most irritating liberal talking head crown.

After the panel was asked point blank “Are we better off today than we were four years ago?”; Cutter offered up this little gem right after Governor O’Malley wasted 30 seconds saying “NO” and blaming President Bush.

“In terms of the question are people better off than they were four years ago, I just want to remind you what was happening four years ago at this time.  In the quarter before the president took office, we lost three million jobs; our country was bleeding; our financial system was on the verge of collapse; we were passing bank bailouts to ensure that our system could stay afloat.  That’s what was happening before the president took office.”

Well thank you for the history lesson there Stephanie Cutter.  I mean that sincerely.  I almost forgot that President Bush preceded President Obama in the White House.  I suppose what she’s saying is that “today” is a relative term; as in “today” is really a reflection of what it was like under the final days of the Bush administration.  We all remember the crap sandwiches we were eating back then.  So, then the answer’s YES, right?  Yes, we’re better off than we were eating crap sandwiches under the final days of Bush, right?

Nope.  No answer.

Just a history lesson and a reminder that President Bush is to blame for all that is wrong in this world.


[Jump to 10:15; or 9:30 if you want to hear O'Malley's Blame Bush defense]

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