Debate Undecided Says He’s Made Up His Mind; Asks Romney for a Job, Obama About the Bulls and Derek Rose

The college student that asked the first question in Tuesday night’s presidential debate said he’s no longer undecided; but he’s not quite ready to reveal who he’s going to vote for.  Well played young man.  Let both these campaigns and their countless millionaire donors do their level best to find you a job after graduation.  That decision is a valuable one.  Maybe not as much as this one; but valuable all the same.

Jeremy Epstein, a 20-year-old student at Adelphi University, said on MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” Wednesday that he felt both Obama and Romney were “sincere” and “both gave good answers” when he asked about concerns that he would not be able to get a job when he finishes school.

“Mitt Romney’s first answer — I felt like he was staring into my soul, just right through me, when he was asking me the question. I felt like, you know he offered me a job five minutes into the debate, I felt like his answer was sincere,” Epstein said. “And then when the president came up, I felt like he, you know he started up by saying my future’s bright — I feel like they were both sincere. They talked very well, eloquently, and I felt they both gave good answers.”


This is my favorite part of the story…


Epstein said he also spoke to both candidates after the debate. He said Romney thanked him for the question.

“I asked him if he’s gonna give me that job in two years and he said ‘Maybe,’” Epstein said. “Then I was speaking with President Obama asking how his Chicago Bulls are gonna do, because they lost their MVP Derek Rose, and he said that I could not beat him in one-on-one, but I disagree with that.”


He talks to Romney… and hits him up for a job.

He talks to Obama… and asks about D Rose and trash talks the presidential jump shot.

Nuff said.


The audience of “uncommitted” voters from Nassau County for the debate at Hofstra University was chosen by The Gallup Organization at random. Asked Wednesday whether he was still undecided, Epstein said he was not.

“No, I think I made a decision,” he said.

Epstein, who is studying exercise science, declined in that interview to reveal which candidate will be getting his vote. Later on CNBC, he mentioned how each candidate affected him.

“I think that Gov. Romney’s business experience did sway me a little bit in that area, but the way the president spoke to me and kind of said you know ‘We believe in the youth of America’ … that really, you know, hit a soft spot and I understood what he was talking about.”

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