David Axelrod on Libya: “We Have Reported Everything, In Real Time” (VIDEO)

Senior Obama Adviser David Axelrod was tasked with following Senator Marco Rubio Sunday on Meet the Press and answering for his boss’s handling of two foreign policy stories grabbing headlines ahead of Monday night’s final debate – leaks of proposed one-on-one negotiations with Iran and the administration’s response or lack thereof to the Libya fiasco.

Regarding reported “direct talks” between the US and Iran, the response from Axelrod was particularly telling.  He would not confirm nor deny that said negotiations were in the works – which probably means that news of them being leaked is entirely political and the Obama camp’s still waiting to see how the reports will be received.

“I don’t want to go too deeply because the White House has said there was no deal.  Sanctions are bringing Iranian regime to it’s knees… they’re feeling the heat.  If they’re sensible, they’re saying let’s set aside our nuclear ambitions.”

“All because of the leadership of this president.”


On Libya, Axelrod was decidedly more willing to address the issue.  And by issue, I of course mean blame Governor Romney for exploiting the clusterfark for political gain.

“There’s only one candidate here who has tried to exploit it from the beginning.”

He also lambasted Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan for the House Budget Committee proposing cuts to embassy security.  I suppose he wants the American People to overlook the fact that the State Department and the administration would have still have had the final call on allocating resources.  Cut embassy security where its not needed and boost security in locations toeing the border with Hell.


The highlight of the interview was when Axelrod doubled down on the administration’s response by saying “We have reported everything we’ve been told; and we’ve shared it in real time.”  Really?  Really really?

Real time?

Is that why we heard about a bleeping video for 14 days?  Why the President referenced said video – and not terrorism – at the United Nations?

If the State Department was really watching the events unfold in Benghazi in “real time”; why would it take the administration nearly two weeks to get off the narrative of a YouTube video protest?  Was there really that much of a disconnect between State and the Oval Office?

Ignorance is bliss.

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