Greta Van Susteren: Candy Crowley’s Benghazi Debate Interjection “Clumsy” (VIDEO)

In an appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Fox News personality Greta Van Susteren said moderator Candy Crowley’s Benghazi/ act of terror interjection at last week’s presidential debate was “clumsy”; but the misstep may have actually helped Governor Romney in the long run.

ABC NEWS: “Candy Crowley … is an old friend of mine. I used to work at CNN. But I actually think she helped Gov. Romney,” Van Susteren said on the “This Week” roundtable. “The most important issue for Gov. Romney’s campaign is to put the spotlight on Libya and how the president’s administration has been very clumsy, at best – not giving us the information, meaning the American people, what happened.”

“So what happened is because Candy Crowley was clumsy in how she handled it – the entire discussion, and even right now, is about Libya, where we probably would have reserved it for the debate tomorrow night,” Van Susteren added, referring to Monday night’s final debate on foreign policy. “But Candy, in an unusual, bizarre way, put the total spotlight – it’s all the media talked about.”

For what its worth, I wholeheartedly agree with Greta.  While I believe the egregious – we’ll call it an – error probably helped President Obama “win” the debate last week, it was likely a Pyrrhic victory as the story has certainly not faded from the spotlight.  It will have to be addressed Monday night the last debate which is supposed to be devoted to foreign policy and now the average viewer has had a week to become familiar with the facts behind the story.

Will it matter?

Probably not.  As I’ve said here a number of times, I believe the vast majority of legitimately undecided voters at this point are torn most likely because they voted for President Obama four years ago and still feel crushed by the weight of a struggling economy.  My gut tells me they expected very little from President Obama in the area of foreign policy assertiveness; so the needle moves very little hearing he’s fumbled yet another event.  Does it hurt the Obama narrative of putting al-Qaeda on the run?  Absolutely, but do you really think this minor “bump in the road” is going to keep him from still going to that well?

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