VIDEO: Marco Rubio on Meet the Press

Senator Marco Rubio played the role of Romney campaign featured surrogate Sunday morning on the political talk show circuit where he joined his Obama camp counterparts, David Axelrod and Stephanie Cutter, to begin laying the foundation for Monday night’s debate.   Said debate is supposed to be largely about “foreign policy”; but if Sunday’s discussions were any indication, nothing’s off the table.

In the video below, host David Gregory manages to spin from reports of proposed US-Iran one-on-one negotiations to Governor Romney’s position on employer-provided contraception coverage.  He used the president’s latest campaign line Romnesia (a reference to Governor Romney’s perceived “walking away from previous positions”) as a transition.  I’d expect the President to do the same Monday night.  Twenty to One says Romnesia is thrown around at least fives times during the debate.

The back half of the video posted below is an interview with Senior Obama Adviser David Axelrod.  I’d suggest giving it a look if you want a preview of coming attractions. Spoiler Alert: He says the President’s been calling the Libya attack an “attack of terror” from day one; and several times thereafter.  #doublingdown

He also went on to accuse Republicans – namely Darrell Issa –  of putting lives at risk by playing politics with the issue and characterized the decision to release documents related to the investigation as “reckless and disgraceful.”

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