Election 2012 Results; Live Coverage

Election Night is finally here, folks.  You ready?  Going to share as much here as I can throughout the night but will be popping in and out, so hang with me.  I’ll update here at the top, so scroll down if you want to see what you’ve missed.

Poll closing schedule

7 p.m. ET to 8 p.m.: Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina
8 p.m. ET to 9 p.m.: Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire
9 p.m. ET to 10 p.m.: Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota
10 p.m. ET to 11 p.m.: Iowa, Nevada

(11:20 PM ET)

NBC Projects Ohio for Obama

It’s Over!


(11:15 PM ET)

ABC News Projects North Carolina for Romney

That’s the first big win in quite some time.  And considering it was considered “safe” just days ago, “big win” is rather upsetting.

Truth session here.  In spite of the fact that my predictions are still intact, I’m not exactly feeling optimistic.  Florida’s looking way too close, Ohio’s looking rough, and Virginia looks pretty troubling considering the Kaine Senate victory.  Not throwing in the towel just yet, but may be trading champagne in for whiskey before long.


(11:00 PM ET)

NBC Projects Tim Kaine will defeat Republican George Allen in the Virginia Senate race

Not a good sign for Romney as Virginia’s senate vote is likely tied to the presidential vote in that state.  It would be a stretch to assume a substantial majority voted for Kaine and not President Obama #notlookinggood

(10:45 PM ET)

NBC Projects Missouri for Romney

NBC Projects Minnesota for Obama

A hold for the Obama camp but a sign that the Romney surge beyond Ohio in the Midwest was a bit of a fantasy


(10:35 PM ET)

NBC Projects Arizona for Romney


(10:25 PM ET)

ABC Projects Claire McCaskill will defeat Republican “legitimate rape” Todd Akin in Missouri

I don’t wanna sound like George Will here, but the fact that the Republican Party pissed this one away is evidence that some serious shaking up is needed at the top of the GOP.  Akin’s comments were troubling – even if taken out of context; and it proved to be the reason he lost this race.  Remember, this was thought to be the most “at risk” Dem-Senate seat heading into this election.  Lot of good that did.


(10:00 PM ET)

NBC Projects Montana for Romney

NBC Projects Utah for Romney

Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina too close to call at this time

(9:45 PM ET)

NBC Projects New Hampshire for Obama

NBC Projects Elizabeth Warren has defeated incumbent Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race

While I had Brown going down in this one, it is still a big blow considering Brown is the most moderate Republican in the Senate.  I think that says all that needs to be said about Massachusetts.

(9:30 PM ET)

NBC Projects Wisconsin for Obama

Not good news for the Romney Ryan ticket.  Losing Wisconsin means yet another back-up plan is now off the table.  Obama won Wisconsin in 2008, but it was a long shot pickup hopeful for the RR ticket this time around.  Not so much.


(9:20 PM ET)

Fox News is projecting Pennsylvania for Obama

This one is huge.  Plan C or the Romney camp is now off the table.  Plan A – Ohio is a must win unless they want to try to pull off stunners in Wisconsin-Nevada


(9:00 PM ET)

Both campaigns (Axelrod and Gillespie) say they are right where they want to be in Ohio?  The map’s not looking promising for Governor Romney but if there’s one thing clear on this night, it’s that none of these morons has a clue how Ohio is going to shake out.  #numbermadness

Fox News Projects Michigan for Obama

Fox News Projects Texas for Romney

Fox News Projects New York for Obama

Fox News Projects Arkansas for Romney

Fox News Projects Kansas for Romney

 CNN is projecting that the GOP will retain control of the House – shocker!  The only real question in the House is whether or not the majority will increase in size.

ABC’s projecting as well and asking whether Pelosi is going to get bounced as Minority Leader.  #JustGotReal

GOP Retains House of Representatives

(8:20 PM ET)

Fox News Projects Tennessee for Romney

Bill O’Reilly’s on Fox News already laying the groundwork for his depressing post-election I told you so recap – Sandy, Race, What can my country do for me mentality…

Related Note: Fox News also projects Senator Bob Corker wins re-election bid in Tennessee – no shocker there.  Congrats to Senator Corker and the Volunteer State for not forcing me to consider relocating.

(8:00 PM ET)

Polls are now closed in 25 states.  Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania still “too close to call”

ABC News Projects Maryland, Illinois, Maine, and Massachusetts for Obama

ABC News Projects Oklahoma for Romney

ABC News Projects Rhode Island, District of Columbia, Connecticut, and Delaware for Obama

MSNBC Projects Georgia for Romney

Fox News Projects South Carolina for Romney

CNN Projects West Virginia for Romney

ABC News projects Romney wins Indiana and Kentucky

Obama Wins Vermont

Indiana’s the first state to flip for the GOP.  Hoosiers went for Obama in ’08

CNN’s killing my early predictions with exit polls showing Virginia a “dead heat” at 49%.  I’m reluctant to believe exit polls this early, and from CNN; but if right, they’re troubling.

They’re also showing Florida 50-50.  Blitzer’s loving it.  Sad, but Anderson Cooper seems to be the level head over there.

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I just got a DM on Twitter from a friend that reminded me I never posted my predictions here at RR.  I posted them elsewhere but didn’t realize I forgot to put them up.  Total oversight.  Here you go…

My Predictions:

Romney – North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio

Obama – Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Nevada


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  1. JBarton
    November 6, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    Wisconsin was a huge blow. Now Obama only needs Ohio to get to 270. Screaming at the TV

  2. Sam K
    November 6, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    This is not looking good. I think tomorrow is going to feel like a hangover from hell. Tonight is going to be a nightmare we won’t wake up from for four more years.

    • November 6, 2012 at 10:06 pm

      No its not, unfortunately. I think he’s going to pull out Florida and North Carolina, but Virginia and Ohio are looking pretty shaky

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