GOP to Retain Control of House; Pelosi on Her Way Out?

ABC, NBC, CNN, and Fox News are projecting that the GOP will retain control of the House of Representatives.  While it is certainly not a surprise result, it is nice to see that the worst-case scenario result of the night would be status quo.  It also raises big questions about Nancy Pelosi’s future as Minority Leader.  Remember, she promised to retake the House this election cycle.  A solid thumping and an Obama win could spell bye-bye for Nancy.

For those who are tired of gridlock in Washington, get used to it.  Unless Governor Romney pulls this out, we’re looking at 2010-2012 all over again for at least the next two years.  And after the president spent much of the campaign season blaming the House GOP for his first term shortcomings, is there really any hope that they’re going to be more willing to work with him should he win a second term?

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