Colorado Legalizes Recreational Marijuana; Amendment 64 Passes


Pot smokers rejoice, for now.

Colorado voted YES on Amendment 64, a ballot measure which will allow adults 21 and older to possess as much as an ounce of pot – for recreational use.  Can you say instant issue for newly re-elected President Obama’s Justice Department?  The amendment’s passage triggers an immediate standoff with the federal government and federal statutes prohibiting marijuana possession and use.

On the political front, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think this vote had at least a small hand in CO going Obama’s way.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Obama voters are all pot smokers.  What I am saying is the youth turnout is sure to be up and that means more votes for BO.  We will have to wait and see how the demographics played out before we draw the conclusion all Obama supporters are pot smokers.

On the seemingly unrelated sports front, big day for University of Colorado football.  With college football players across the country getting hammered with suspensions and expulsions for violating existing drug policies, this is a huge recruiting get for the Buffaloes.  Why pot is such a draw for the football community is lost on me, but to ignore it is to bury your head in the sand.  I’m half joking and half completely serious.  (Google “College Football Marijuana”) Top 25 here they come.

CBS DENVER:  The amendment allows adults over 21 to possess as much as an ounce of pot. It also allows people to grow as many as six pot plants in secure, private areas.

Supporters believe legalization will generate tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue for Colorado.

The approval of the amendment puts Colorado in defiance of federal drug law.

“It’s still against federal law,” Gov. John Hickenlooper told CBS News anchor Scott Pelley about an hour later. “I’m not sure we can make it as legal as the voters would like us to do. But clearly the will of the voters spoke.”

Hickenlooper, who opposed the measure, said it’s “not immediately apparent” how the amendment will hold up against the national law.

Jeff Dorschner, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office released a statement after the measure’s passage, saying the “Department of Justice’s enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged.”

“In enacting the Controlled Substances Act, Congress determined that marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance. We are reviewing the ballot initiative and have no additional comment at this time,” Dorschner said.

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  3 comments for “Colorado Legalizes Recreational Marijuana; Amendment 64 Passes

  1. Brad
    November 7, 2012 at 11:23 am

    from being a bastion of conservatism to now patheically voting lib everywhere we are lost here in Colorado. How could this state vote in marijuana as well. maybe some people have never tried it to know it doesnt belong in society. We blame this election and pot approval on a very large influx of Californians who have destroyed their state and are now moving here to vote in their same policies. help me find some solice in all this TChristopher. at the moment all seems to be lost in this country. You are a great writer, I allways enjoy your style. A great article on seeing some light is needed! we will have to find our own hope and change in 4 years now. have a great week, Brad

  2. November 7, 2012 at 11:46 am

    Brad, I appreciate the comment and I am working on a few things to put up here today. I don’t know the nuances of Colorado politics or population shift, so I can’t say I know precisely what is in play here. My gut says that like many other places, your population centers are growing and becoming increasingly liberal in the process. Where I live in Nashville, TN we have a similar population shift and I think maybe even as soon as 2024, we could be a blue state in presidential elections.

    But, and it’s a big but, that’s if we don’t turn the tide. A second term for President Obama means a great deal to the Left, but what it will ultimately mean in the timeline of history is that liberalism got eight years with its hand on the wheel. And it will be judged accordingly.

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