Jesse Jackson Jr. Wins Re-Election from Rehab at Mayo Clinic as Investigations, Prosecutions Loom


Jesse Jackson, Jr. successfully won his re-election bid Tuesday night against Marcus Lewis and Brian Woodworth in the Illinois 2nd District contest that gained national attention more for the whereabouts of the eventual winner than the merits of any campaign.  The incumbent, Jesse Jackson Jr., went missing earlier this year and later turned up at a treatment center in Arizona.  Reports are that Jackson, who is now at the Mayo Clinic, was diagnosed with “bipolar depression” and “gastrointestinal issues.”

Yes, you read that right.  The guy just won a Congressional race without campaigning or even being in the state on election night.  Only in Chicago…

NBC CHICAGO:  As of 8:50 p.m., Jackson had captured 68 percent of the vote with 62 percent of precincts reporting.

“My deep and sincere thanks to the people of the 2nd Congressional District, I am humbled and moved by the support shown today,” Jackson said in a written statement. “Everyday, I think about your needs and concerns. Once the Doctors approve my return to work, I will continue to be the progressive fighter you have known for years. My family and I are grateful for your many heartfelt prayers and kind thoughts. I continue to feel better everyday and look forward to serving you.”

Jackson is not celebrating his victory in a swanky Chicago hotel room, or back stage at McCormick place with President Barack Obama watching the returns come in on the national race. He’s reportedly spending the night at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

But his mental and physical health issues are not the only potential hurdles Jackson and the people who just elected him are going to have to overcome.  Dude’s facing some pretty serious accusations/charges once he officially resurfaces…

In October, Federal prosecutors and FBI agents in Washington launched a criminal investigation of  Jackson, Jr. involving financial improprieties, including possible misuse of funds monitored by Congress to decorate his Washington D.C. Home.

At the same time, a House Ethics Committee continues to look into Jackson’s supposed involvement in trying to be appointed to now-President Barack Obama’s seat in the U.S. Senate. Jackson has admitted he wanted to be appointed to the Senate, but has repeatedly denied allegations he sent emissaries to offer campaign cash to then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich in exchange for the seat.

The emissary that he denies sending to negotiate with Blagojevich, Raghuveer Nayak, was arrested on 17 counts of fraud in June around the same time Jackson vanished from office.

Nayak testified in the Blagojevich trial that he was authorized by Jackson Jr. to offer the governor as much as $6 million for that Senate seat.

Jackson Jr. may be sitting in a defendant’s seat before too long.

In that regard, Jackson Jr. evokes any number of Chicago politicians. 

And Chicago seems so nice every time I’ve gone for a visit.

What the hell is wrong with you people?


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