Ridiculous Headline of the Weekend: “Rubio Sets Fundraising Record in Iowa Debut”

Can a brotha get a few weeks off before we start speculating about 2016 and over-analyzing the preferences of folks in Iowa?  Can we at least wait two years before we have to once again start like we actually care what they think?

First off, I mean no disrespect to the Daily Caller for the headline or Marco Rubio for being the subject of said headline.  Truth be told, I changed it around a bit; but the general theme is still the same.  Rubio made his first big post-election appearance in Iowa, he raised a lot of money, and I suppose that’s something worth reporting… to someone.  I’m just still very much in a post-election I Just Don’t Give a Damn funk and it is going to take something a little more exciting than 2016 speculation to break me out of it.

The obvious inference here is that Rubio’s a shot in the arm to a party still licking its wounds from electoral defeat.  He’s young, he’s Hispanic, he’s charismatic, he’s in Iowa.  The ridiculous conclusion is that he’s both the “future of the party” and the answer to all that ails us.

ALTOONA, Iowa – As the Republican Party regroups after Mitt Romney’s defeat, the message Saturday night at Iowa Republican Gov. Terry Branstad’s birthday fundraiser was “turn the page” and “look to the future” — and what that future apparently holds is Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, the event’s featured speaker.

It’s that personal story that has helped lead several Iowa Republicans to declare Rubio “the future” of the Republican Party.

“I just think he’s the future,” Branstad told TheDC. “He’s the kind of leadership that we need, and I think he’s a very intelligent, articulate, and he is a great example of the American dream, and that’s exactly what we have to make available for more and more people.”

“I just thought, you know, it’s a great way to kind of turn the page, look to the future, and he’s somebody that I think is going to be a real leader for this country in the future,” Branstad said, explaining why he had invited Rubio to keynote his birthday party fundraiser.

Even before they heard him speak on Saturday, Iowans were attracted to Rubio. Branstad said the fundraiser generated more than $600,000, a total he said was greater than he had raised before in any single event.

Three thoughts:

1) If Rubio is so wonderful, why wasn’t he on the ticket?  Yeah, I know.  Romney.  But if he was “the future”, why didn’t folks like Branstad lead a charge to demand Rubio and not Ryan?  Last I checked, he’s the same senator from Florida he was a year ago.

2) The notion that one man is “the future” is part of what makes me want to throw things at folks like Branstad.  He may be part of the future, a key figure in the future, or even a leader of the future party; but the friggin future?  Come on man.

3) By all accounts, Rubio’s got all the right stuff.  He’s the kind of candidate we need to be running in most of the states across this country.  That said, let’s not kid ourselves.  The reason Rubio suddenly seems like the answer is because he “appeals” to every demographic that just abandoned us.  If we’re going to win that vote going forward, it is going to take a whole lot more than just one man.

All things considered, I’m pleased to see Rubio taking steps to establish a national following.  If we must have a “face of the party”, I’d much rather that face be his than a really long list of alternatives.  But if we think; if he thinks; if the powers that be in this party think that parading him around the country for four years is going to win us/him the White House, I think we might as well go ahead and mail in 2016 as well and set our sights on “the future” that is another incumbent battle in 2020.

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