Colin Powell Makes Case for Obama’s Defense Nominee (VIDEO)

Colin Powell Meet the Press

Republican turned DNC pivotal issues spokesperson Colin Powell took to Meet the Press Sunday to make the case for Chuck Hagel – the Obama administration’s choice to lead the Defense Department.  No surprise, Powell thinks Hagel’s an excellent choice and thinks the senator will eventually be confirmed.  What is somewhat surprising is that Powell keeps attempting to play the role of  “impartial” and “nonpartisan” voice of reason.  And that he thinks it resonates.  Does that angle really work once you’ve firmly aligned yourself with a left wing administration and its policies and then doubled down for a second go-round?

Either way, here you go.  If you’re looking for something more than the standard Hagel endorsement typically provided by an administration surrogate, you’re probably going to be left wanting.  If you want to see Powell defend President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in search of “weapons of mass destruction”, you can hear Powell defend that position around the 9:00 minute mark.  I’m sure Lefties applauding Powell’s “country first” posture will be quick to omit that portion of the interview from their reactions.

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