Huntsman, Manchin Call for “No Labels” Bipartisanship in Washington

Huntsman Manchin No Labels

Senator Joe Manchin and former Governor Jon Huntsman stopped by ABC’s This Week Sunday morning to plug their latest collaboration – a push for bipartisanship and cooperation under the banner of the “No Labels” movement.  The former governors are newly minted “honorary chairs” for an organization that proclaims through its motto to “Stop Fighting and Start Fixing” government, politics, etc.

I’ve posted the video of the interview below.  Watch it if you have absolutely nothing else to do.  Even if I bought the whole “no label” nonsense – which I don’t – I’d still say the interview was only slightly less (or more?) than worthless as Stephanopoulos let them plug their organization and then chose to use the balance of the conversation peppering them with gun-control-related questions.

Kinda funny though.  Two guys take up the torch of bipartisan cooperation only to find themselves marginalized for not taking a side in the hot button issue of the day.  Gee, I wonder why this sort of thing never works?


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