Harbaugh Bowl 2013: 49ers and the Ravens; Brothers to Go Head to Head in Super Bowl

Jim John Jack Harbaugh

Is it Har Bowl or Harbaugh Bowl?

I’m pretty sure either one will work.

Perhaps, Brother Bowl?

Well you can’t say S-U-*-E-R BO*L.  That kinda limits the list, don’t ya think?

Actually, I guess you can.  You’ll just find yourself in a civil suit if you try.  All things considered, I think a tribute to the Harbaugh brothers is appropriate.

As you might have noticed, I was right about half of this “Big Game” match-up.  I had the 49ers handling Atlanta, but I was certain the Patriots and Tom Brady would make quick work of Baltimore.  My bad.

But now we have the hype machine’s dream pairing – two brother going head-to-head for the Lombardi Trophy.  The back stories are going to write themselves.

Jim and John Harbaugh… brothers and sons of a football coach – Jack.  Jim, John, and Jack?  Priceless.

The senior Harbaugh coached football at Western Kentucky University and led the Hilltoppers to a national championship in what used to be known as Division 1-A football.  That’s the brand of college football with a playoff system for those of you that don’t follow such things.  WKU has since moved into the “big league” and this off season hired controversial and much maligned head coach Bobby Petrino.  If you’re really not a sports fan, he’s the former head coach at Arkansas that got busted having an affair with a grad assistant he hired and paid to do little more than ride on the back of his Harley – that is until he wrecked said Harley and had a state trooper help cover the whole thing up.

With two weeks to until kickoff, anyone out there think there’s going to be a shortage of headlines?

Didn’t think so.

Big Winner of the night?  John?  Jim? Jack?  Ray Lewis?  Joe Flacco?  Colin Kaepernick?



Bobby Petrino and WKU.  They just got two weeks of Super Bowl “Big Game” coverage free of charge and about a million mentions of their upstart program.  I’m pretty sure they’ll take the good with the bad.


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