Schumer, Cruz Debate Guns and Debt on Meet the Press (VIDEO)

Chuck Schumer Ted Cruz Meet the Press

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined David Gregory for a discussion on matters related to gun control and fiscal responsibility Sunday morning on Meet the Press.  Considering Chuck Schumer’s track record of hardlining on programs such as this and Cruz’s typically no holds barred approach to political discourse, the result was somewhat dull and underwhelming.  At one point Cruz even attempted to strike a deal with Schumer on his “Full Faith and Credit” proposal and the two seemed to see eye-to-eye at taking debt ceiling increase debates off the table going forward.  Whodathunkit?

The conversation opened with a discussion of the now-Obama-led gun control reform debate.  Schumer was measured in his remarks toeing the line of “caring” but not caring enough to actually take action.  In his defense, most of his Dem-Senate colleagues – including the Senate Majority Leader – will continue doing the same even as this debate moves toward actual legislation coming to the floors of both Houses.

Cruz will no doubt make headlines for taking what the MSM will inevitibly consider “controversial” positions by saying a “woman living next door to a crack house” has a 2nd Amendment Right to “bear arms” and that the “gun show loophole doesn’t exist.”  His argument on the second point is that gun show salesman have to be licensed so the loophole is more or less based on an inaccuracy.  As I pointed out the other day, libs like Schumer love to lump criminal-to-criminal sales in with law abiding citizen to fellow law abiding citizen sales as if they are one and the same.  News flash.  They’re not.

On the fiscal front, it was Schumer that probably managed to grab the biggest headlines – most notably with his assertion that “Republicans are losing ground on fiscal issues” and that House Republicans decision to “back off” their debt ceiling demands and 1 to 1 spending cuts requirements – is a major victory for the president.  Surprisingly, I concur.  At least on the second prong there.

The House GOP leadership’s decision to merely ask Senate Democrats to pass a budget in return for an increase in the debt ceiling was a prudent political move; but only from the standpoint of realizing it was step one of a multi-step plan.  If it is not, they’ve surely missed the mark and Reid, Pelosi, and Obama are destined to have their way with the Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy triumvirate yet again for the balance of another session of Congress.

One funny/slimy/shady moment more typical of Schumer’s expected performance was when the New York Senator said, “We Democrats have always intended to pass a budget this year.”

Really?  Why?  Why now?

Because they think it is now in their best interest to do so, of course.

He said “tax reform” and “revenues” will be part of any Senate Budget proposal.  The second half won’t be nearly as well received as the first – a point Schumer clearly understands… and looks forward to.

“We’re going to do a budget and it’s going to have revenues in it and the Republicans better get used to that. “


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