TN Representative Debates States’ Rights Gun Bill with Reverend Al Sharpton (VIDEO)

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I share this not to endorse or even criticize the proposed bill in question.  I have not read it and don’t intend to.  That said, I do understand the core principles involved here; and because of that I thought this discussion between TN State Representative Joe Carr and Reverend Al Sharpton would be something most of you would find interesting.

The interview is rather long, so know what you’re signing up for before you hit play.  Again, this is Reverend Al interviewing a state representative from a southern red state.  You can probably guess how that turned out.

Via IN SESSION:  State Rep. Joe Carr gained a national audience for his bill calling for the arrest of agents who try to enforce new gun laws with an appearance over the weekend on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation.”

Carr, R-Lascassas, sparred with Rev. Al Sharpton, the show’s host, over the meaning of the Second Amendment, the Bill of Rights and the legacies of Martin Luther King and George Wallace. Somewhere in all of this was a discussion of Carr’s legislation.

As you probably noticed, the conversation quickly devolved into something different than that which was intended.  I’d blame Reverend Al for turning this into a racial issue as he does with most discussions, but it was Carr that mentioned MLK in an attempt to drive home his talking points.  Because of that, it is hard to blame anyone but Carr for the direction of the interview thereafter.

But… in his defense.  The esteemed Reverend did “conveniently” have the Governor Wallace video on standby – perhaps, because he knew the conversation would turn into one about “states’ rights.”  Perhaps, because he would have inevitably turned the conversation to race regardless.

As to the greater issue in question here… While I support the principle behind Carr’s bill and others like it, I simply disagree with the tactics.  Throwing a “Supremacy Clause” point of contention into this debate does absolutely nothing for the overall discussion.  Either this is a 2nd Amendment issue, or it’s not.  Taking steps to make federal actions “illegal” is a ridiculous notion given our federal system.  If there is a constitutional dispute to resolve, let that matter find resolution in a court of law.  Or, wait until said federal government attempts to compel local law enforcement to enforce non-legislative initiatives, and then raise the 10th Amendment argument.

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