VIDEO: Spotlight Falls on High School Wrestler During Match

Light Falls on High School Wrestler

Unreal video here, folks.  A spotlight crashes on a high school wrestler right in the middle of the match.  Luckily, the kid emerged with only minor injuries.  Double lucky since now we get to watch this video and laugh uncontrollably knowing the dude was okay.  The fact that the event was dubbed “Madison Square Garden” is just icing on the cake.

Parting question: Who sues organizers first?  The kid or the real Madison Square Garden?


ARGUS LEADER:  Madison high school wrestler Michael McComish was bloodied and knocked to the mat Friday night, but not by another wrestler.

The senior was hit by a spotlight that crashed down on him from the ceiling area in the Madison Middle School during a special wrestling event. The spotlight was used for the school’s annual wrestling meet billed “Madison Square Garden.”

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