Paul Ryan on Divided Government; Solving Fiscal Problems (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan Spending is the problem

Congressman Paul Ryan’s been noticeably (and it seems intentionally) silent since the election in November.  Because of that, many have been wondering what posture post-defeat Ryan would take as he moves into the second term of President Obama and positions himself for future ambitions.  While a Sunday interview with David Gregory is hardly the place to gauge and determine such things, it does appear that this Ryan plans to look and sound a lot like the old one.

You have to love this question from Gregory.

Do  you feel like there’s a failure to get to know each other in Washington; to really understand each other?

NBC actually pays this guy for that crap?

He then refocuses (probably realizing as soon as he said it how ridiculous it sounded) and gets to the root of the problem.

“Solving the problem on the budget is actually not complicated. Winning politically and solving the problem – that’s hard.”

Indeed, Mr. Gregory.

You nailed it.

A third grader could have drawn that conclusion, but good on you for finally getting there.

Representative Ryan’s response locks in on the real impediment to genuine steps being taken to solve our fiscal problems – President Obama’s political agenda and progressive ideology.

“I don’t think that the president thinks we actually have a fiscal crisis.  He’s been reportedly saying to our leaders that we don’t have a spending problem; we have a health care problem…

My concern is that the president may be more focused on political ends – 2014 versus actually moving to the middle.  When you saw his speech at the inauguration, it leads us to conclude that he’s not looking to move to moderate.  He’s looking to go farther to the Left and he wants to fight us every way politically…

We have divided government. Whether people like it or not; intended it or not; we more or less had status quo election.  We have to make it work.”

What Ryan is touching on here is a reality that most seem to want to overlook or ignore.  The American People voted for, more of less, the same government make-up they had from 2010-2012.  A Dem President, a Dem Senate, and a Republican House.  Talk all you want about “mandates”; but the only mandate that election provided was one for gridlock and stalemate.

And truth be told, save for needing to move on Immigration reform and solving our debt/deficit problems, I’m all-in on those guys doing absolutely nothing for another two years.  And if the election says anything about the electorate, I really don’t think I’m all that alone on my do nothing island.


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