McCain: Obama Immigration Reform Leak “Not an Accident”

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With a “leaked” version of an Obama administration “internal” immigration reform proposal now making the rounds in the media, the burning question on the Sunday political talk shows was – what is the president really up to?  Is his goal to get comprehensive legislation through both Houses of Congress; or is it to cast republicans as being “not serious” about legitimate reform efforts?

Senator John McCain is leaning toward the latter.

Asked on Sunday’s Meet the Press about the chances the president’s proposal becomes law or influences existing proposals, John McCain was quick to point out that the president appears to be looking more toward scoring political points than actually getting things done on the Immigration front.

GREGORY:  If the president proposes legislation, do you think it will fail?

MCCAIN:  Of course.  Of course it will… Leaks don’t happen in Washington by accident.  Does the president really want a result or another [opportunity] to beat up on Republicans so that he can get political advantage in the next election?

While McCain and I rarely see eye-to-eye, I do believe his many years working in the waste of Washington politics have trained his ear to pick up on a political opportunistic gesture; this one being a “leak” by the White House to the USA TODAY.  No way this was an accident.  The administration floated that thing out there for two reasons: 1) To drive the debate to the Left.  An 8-year path to residency and a “Lawful Prospective Immigrant” visa program will be catnip for those who support amnesty provisions taking a central role in comprehensive reform efforts.  They will be toxic to the Right; and any legislation that contains them.  2) Just like every other position this president has taken and made his last “most important” agenda issue, he knows he’ll ultimately get credit for any positive that comes from the legislative process and be immune from any negative.

It’s a win-win for the President.  Promise the moon, go on vacation, and then get really really angry when the Republican-controlled House of Representatives fails to deliver the stars.


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