Rand Paul: Obama “Not Serious” About Immigration Reform; Torpedoing His Own Plan

Rand Paul Fox News Sunday

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) made an appearance on Fox News Sunday this weekend and weighed in on a host of topics from sequestration to questions he has about the constitutionality of the president’s drone program.  Like most Rand Paul interviews, Sunday’s episode was loaded with moments that will no doubt become headlines across the political news universe and political spectrum.

I found myself most intrigued when the conversation turned to Immigration Reform.  While the Senator said he’s willing to “move toward” his more liberal colleagues, he’s going to tie that move toward compromise to an amendment guaranteeing oversight on border security.  His plan – to appoint an investigator general from the GAO to report annually to Congress on the progress made at the border over the course of five years; with the results determining the next step in the process of dealing with the millions of illegal immigrants already living on American soil.

Sounds reasonable.

Senator Paul says a “promise from president Obama [to secure the border] is an empty promise.”


Regarding the leak of a White House plan for comprehensive immigration reform that would call for a version of amnesty for current illegal immigrants, Senator Paul said the president is merely “torpedoing his own plan.”  He went on to say it “shows me that he’s really not serious” about actually solving the problem.

“It seems to me that the president really doesn’t want immigration reform.”

Paul’s concerns and frustrations on this and similar issues don’t stop at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“Democrats bring up these ideas as wedge issues.  They don’t really ever wanna pass them because then they would no longer have republicans to blame.  So, really they set themselves up for failure by putting up something that is untenable.”

I think Senator Paul raises a subject that is far too casually overlooked.  As I have said repeatedly regarding this president’s multitude of proposed policy changes and positions, he merely promises everything to everyone knowing as the words come out of his mouth that he has no power or intention to push for power to actually deliver on anything.  And because he’s been blessed with a complicit mainstream media unwilling to call him on his empty promises, he walks away unscathed.  And republicans are left looking like the only thing that stood in the way.

It’s a great gig if you can get it.



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