Duchess Kate Shows Off Royal Baby Bump

kate middleton baby bump

The world was treated to a glimpse of the world’s most intriguing baby bump Tuesday as Duchess Kate returned to her public duties as wife of the future King of England.  I say “treated” and “intriguing” only to satisfy those of you that Google sent this way in search of photos of the dress-covered semi-circle; because truth be told, I’m not even all that certain why it is she’s famous.  Don’t get me wrong.  I “get” why she’s famous.  But she’s not even the hottest Middleton sister.  And I really don’t get the fascination with needing visual confirmation that the woman’s actually pregnant.  It’s not as if news has been scarce on her medical situation.  She’s pregnant.  Not exactly “news” just to see the proof.

But either way.  There you go.  I did my part.  I shamelessly live blogged the royal wedding wondering the whole time why anyone cared about that nonsense either only to realize that lots, and lots, and lots of you really care about that nonsense.

For what it’s worth.  She looks happy, healthy, and – as always – extremely well put together.  I wish the young couple well and hope the baby joins the royal family without any further setbacks – aside from a billion nonsensical photos of the duchess in tight-fitting dresses.  The kid’s gonna have enough to worry about.  Have you seen his father?  His grandfather?

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