Liberal Professor Forced Students to Vote For Obama; On Leave

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Who said there’s a liberal bias in our education system?

A mathematics teacher (yes, a math teacher) at Brevard Community College in Florida apparently “encouraged” her students to sign a pledge card promising to vote for Barack Obama in November’s election.  Needless to say, the “get out the vote” initiative violates just about every ethical standard in the teaching profession this side of tweeting topless pictures of herself grading papers, stoned.

From Robert Soave at the Daily Caller:  Sharon Sweet, an associate professor of mathematics at Brevard Community College in Florida, is guilty of electioneering, harassment, and incompetence, according to a three-month investigation into her classroom behavior leading up to the November election.

According to a report on the investigation:

“Professor Sweet strongly encouraged or mandated that students from several classes sign a pledge card that stated, ‘I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.’ She also misrepresented her intentions to multiple students, indicating at various times that she was conducting voter registration for the college, that the pledge cards were non-partisan voter registration forms, and that the pledge was a ‘statistical analysis.’”


For what it’s worth, I’m the last person to ever call for the termination of someone’s employment.  I tend to think public outcries for “firings” are pretty much on par with shouting “racism” every time someone says something that some believe to be insensitive.  That said, if this is true; I think she probably has to go – not because folks like me said she should be terminated, but because she’s a really terrible freaking professor.  What the hell was she thinking pushing politics in math class, in the first place?  Know your role professor.

I’d expect to see Professor Sweet teaching in a high school somewhere next fall.  Parents beware.  If your child comes home and tells you that 2 +4 = someone not doing his fair share, I’d start thinking about going the private school route.

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