Rand Paul Returns $600k from Office Budget to Treasury; “It’s the Only Budget I Control”

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

A bit gimmicky, but I’d take a whole flipping truckload of gimmicky if a fraction of his fellow lawmakers would follow suit.

CNN:  Sen. Rand Paul cut another six-figure check to the United States Treasury Wednesday, taking the money he said he didn’t need from his office’s budget to make a tiny dent in the nation’s massive federal debt.

“We watch every purchase,” Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, said at an event next to an oversized check for $600,000. “We watch what computers we buy, what paper we buy, the ink cartridges. We treat the money like it’s our money, or your money, and we look at every expenditure.”

The $600,000 reflects more than 20% of Paul’s annual office budget, according to a press release.

Last year Paul returned $500,000 to the Treasury, and said he hoped other members of Congress would follow his cost-cutting lead. In total, Paul’s office says they’ve returned $1.1 million that was unspent from his office’s operating budget.


I suppose a cynic could argue that $600k is still only 20% of his budget.  He’s still spending millions to represent the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

But who really likes those people?

While I’m not the biggest Rand Paul “fan” in the Republican universe, I like where his head is on this one.  Kick a few bones back to the treasury to make a point.  He’s consistent.  I appreciate that.  Like I said, a little gimmicky; but I like it all the same.

Will others follow suit?

Of course not.  Are you kidding me?

I said I don’t like cynics; but I said absolutely nothing about skeptics.

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