VIDEO: Hilarious Table, Chair Throwing Brawl

Table Throwing Fight Video

I have to first state that I do not condone this kind of behavior.  But because no one appeared to be hurt, I don’t feel bad admitting that it is hilarious on at least a dozen or so levels.  The screen grab hardly does it justice.  The woman in the blue “skinny jeans” (I use the word loosely) throws a table, dodges a chair, catches a chair, and then throws it back at a group of men… all while holding on to her purse and pulling up her low-rise pants.

In terms of context, I have absolutely no idea what is going on here.  Judging by the “uniform” red/white baseball t’s, I’m guessing a fraternity function gone wrong?  But that’s pure speculation.  The skate rink DJ in the background telling people to leave does provide some evidence that a “dance” or something like that was intended; but who really knows?  And because things clearly went to hell, said skate rink DJ also provides a bit of background noise that seems strangely calm considering the situation.

These people are throwing tables, folks.  And it looks to be guys versus girls.  Well girls, and the Incredible Hulk in the not-so-skinny jeans.  And the DJ’s all like “Free Skate Everyone.  Free Skate.  Let’em Roll.”


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I found a bit of background… which only helps make the story all the more ridiculous…

That’s right, this wild brouhaha started at a fashion show, something called the NC Awards Ball in Charlotte, N.C. But the absurdity of a contestant supposedly taking issue with a judge’s decision escalating into dodgeball-with-furniture was all too quickly trumped by the sight of a large, incensed woman quickly clearing the contents of a banquet table and chucking it across the room at her combatants — without so much as dropping her purse. Then she manages to make a one-handed grab of one of the three folding chairs thrown back at her. The rest of the mayhem and NSFW narration is anticlimactic, except maybe the videographer telling our heroine, “Mama, you was not playing with that table!” [Source]

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