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Rogers on Iran Deal: “May Encourage More Violence than it Stops”

Mike Rogers State of the Union

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers sounded a litany of alarms Sunday morning on CNN’s State of the Union as he shared his thoughts on the deal the Obama administration struck with Middle Eastern foe Iran. “There is very strong bipartisan opposition to the deal. Our Arab League partners don’t like the deal. Israel doesn’t like the deal. And we may have just encouraged more violence in the future than we have stopped.”

Kevin McCarthy on Iran Nuclear Deal: CAUTION

Kevin McCarthy Face the Nation

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy on Face the Nation Sunday said he “would caution the Obama administration from overselling” the deal Secretary Kerry just brokered with Iran adding that it is anything but a full dismantling of the nuclear program. He went on to say “When you have friends and allies inside the region strongly opposed to it, I would caution; and I agree that we should move forward with the sanctions in the Senate. Remember who we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with Iran. They are one of the top supporters of terrorism around the world and this is providing them resources and money. We should not take this lightly.”

Senator Bob Corker Talks Iran Nuclear Deal on Fox News Sunday (VIDEO)

Senator Bob Corker Iran

Ranking member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Corker made an appearance on Fox News Sunday this morning and voiced his concerns regarding the deal the Obama administration’s Secretary John Kerry brokered with Iran. No real surprises here. The Tennessee Senator, more or less, went through the same list of talking points most shared Sunday. Language in the preamble that appears to open the door future enrichment was a constant point of emphasis across the Sunday talk circuit. But here’s Senator Corker’s take. “This administration’s long on announcements and short on follow through.”

Beer Bong Politics in the Age of Social Media

Beer Bong Congressman Stewart Mills

Where we once gasped and or laughed at photos of our elected officials smoking cigarettes or appearing inebriated; I do believe the future will reveal much more. I simply wonder where the new line will be drawn? What will be seen as disqualifying as the age of digital cameras and smart phones reveals more and more of our collective past?

Senator: Climate Change Could Put Sports Stadiums in Jeopardy

Titans LP Field Under Water

I caught this headline over at Drudge and was all but compelled to have a look – “Senator: Sea-Level Rise Threatens Sports Stadiums.” I guess Charles Krauthammer was right. Matt Drudge is the “greatest headline writer in the history of mankind.” But the real credit goes to Sean Long over at CNSNEWS for sharing the story; and to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for appealing to the passions of the American sports community to help drive his clima-scare agenda. Quite brilliant, actually.

George W Bush with Leno on Tonight Show (VIDEO)

George W Bush Leno Tonight Show

President George W. Bush made a rare public appearance Tuesday night as he and Former First Lady Laura Bush paid a visit to Jay Leno and The Tonight Show. At first glance, it is clear to see the former president is doing well and looks extremely comfortable in his role as “former president.” The tone of the interview was extremely lighthearted and only made a quasi-serious turn as Bush talked about his passion projects in Africa and working with wounded veterans.