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A Computer and a Beer… or Twelve: UPDATE BCS Edition

For many of you that find your way here frequently (or more accurately for the few of you that accidentally make it here looking for something else) you know that I generally try to keep this site looking as little like a “blog” as is humanly possible. For the most part that effort is limited only by my lack of css, html, or general knowledge of what the hell I am doing around here. Days like the one I had yesterday, where I spent a whole day trying to figure out why I wasn’t “pinging” properly, make me wish I would have set up a blogspot account and made the cookie cutter boring ass blog that looks a million others. More accurately it means I spent a day drinking coffee, Googling for answers, and whoring myself out to any tech nerd hack I could find with a hint of an answer for my problem. Lets just say I wasn’t a happy camper.

Predator Drones Hacked but Still Awesome

Say what you want about them getting hacked like rednecks steal cheap cable. So what if it only took $26 and a Iraqi MacGyver to hack the US military. Predator drones still may be the coolest thing that ever happened to the US military and nerdy little video games geeks everywhere. Remote controlled planes that drop guided missiles. I don’t even think I could come up with something that cool if I tried. Check out this clip of the drones in action.

Al Franken Goes Stuart Smalley on Joe Lieberman

Serving in his capacity as President of the Senate Floor, Senator Al Franken reminded us all yesterday how much it must really suck to be from Minnesota. I offer a brief disclaimer in saying that I don’t blame all Minnesotans or the state as a whole for Franken’s election to the Senate so there will be no boycott called for, but I will offer my condolences as every day that he serves as your senator people in the other 49 states are reminded that not only did you give the world Jesse the “Body” Ventura, but now you have also give us Stuart Smalley in the Senate. Yesterday, when Senator Joe Lieberman asked for unanimous consent for an extra moment at the microphone, Franken (in his capacity as Senator from Minnesota) decided to object and deny Lieberman the time. Lieberman was caught off guard and offered a confused response – the exchange was more than awkward to say the least.

The Tiger Woods Driving Game

The one and only Tiger Woods post that will ever find its way here (unless it gets really ugly or this thing turns political in some odd twist of fate) but I couldn’t pass this one up when a fellow blogger posted this game to his site. I could really care less what Tiger does with his personal life, but I am a huge fan of mind numbing games that waste hours of precious time. This was also the first time that I’ve seen mistress number one and I certainly thought that was post worthy – shame on you Tiger….

Sarah Palin Please Buy a New Hat

A month at number one on the Best Seller list and Sarah Palin still has to resort to the graffiti blackout paint job of a McCain 2008 visor? Can someone please throw her a new hat that doesn’t look like it was redacted by the Obama White House? While vacationing with her family in Hawaii, Sarah Palin was photographed playing on the beach in a McCain campaign visor. You might ask, why would anyone care? I would certainly agree with you if you meant – why would anyone care about Sarah Palin generally – but we all know that question will remain unsolved with the Kennedy assassination, the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa, and the secret behind the Jonas Brothers celebrity. That being said, the only reason that this is even a story is the fact that when Sarah Palin – resident of Alaska – was packing her bags to fly to Hawaii (I hope you’re seeing the geographical displacement here – not exactly a trip to the grocery store) she decided to pack a hat that she either already blacked out or was going to have to black out? Did she suddenly forget that she just sold a truck load of books based on the premise that the McCain campaign stifled her brilliance? Oh Sarah Palin…. please don’t ever change. Don’t let the man hold you down. You just keep showing them with your black Sharpie and your really cool American flag t-shirts. Such a normal “gal.” Man I love her.

Obama Says US to be Bankrupt If Health Care Bill Fails

President Obama sat down with ABC’s Charlie Gibson to discuss a variety of issues. It was meant to be a swan song of sorts for Gibson as he retires from the nightly news to be replaced by Diane Sawyer. The President offered very little in the interview with one big exception. When discussing the state of the health care reform effort in Congress, President Obama took a rather assertive position that we haven’t seen from him in a while. Speaking of the bill’s likely success in the Senate, the President had this to offer…

Dennis Miller on Copenhagen, Gitmo Illinois, and Pelosi

The always entertaining Dennis Miller offers up his usual take on all things politically comical. I still wish he could find a better gig, but in the mean time we will have to continue watching him on O’Reilly.

In speaking about the move of Gitmo to Illinois and the loss of some of the comforts detainees has in Cuba he said, “If you’re in Chicago and you see a sign that points to Mecca know that its pointing to Wrigley Field.”

“The good news is if you sentence them to death in Illinois, they’ll get to vote twice in the next election.”

Michael Moore to “Boycott Connecticut”: The Angry Fat Kid Strikes Again

Not that anyone is ever actually surprised by superfatty Michael Moore, but this one seems a bit ridiculous even for him. So what’s his new move you ask? He wants Americans – and by that I mean liberals – to “boycott” Connecticut. By Connecticut I do mean the state. Convenient for him and his effort is the fact that geographically speaking, it is a pretty non-essential state when it comes to travel plans, but seriously, a whole state?

Moore has got his McDonald’s grease-filled little sweats glands to churning once again because he is angered with the Independent Senator from the great state of Connecticut for his position in opposition to liberal healthcare proposals in the Senate. As liberals have begun to attack Lieberman in every aspect of his professional and personal life, it appears now that the next step is the state he calls home – or as Michael Moore would say – the state where the voters let all of America down by electing him after Lib-Dems bounced him from the Democratic primary.

Single Payer Amendment Pulled By Sanders – Guess He Couldn’t Stand to Hear It Read Aloud

Vermont superliberal Senator Bernie Sanders reluctantly withdrew his amendment to the Senate’s healthcare bill that called for the implementation of a full-blown single payer system after Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) demanded the amendment be read on the floor of the Senate – derailing all progress on the matter for the day. The “amendment” was a whopping 767 pages long and would have taken at least 12 hours to finish reading aloud so the move by Coburn was actually quite brilliant considering the time restrictions Dems have placed on themselves. The amendment had no chance of passing and seeing the hours tick away between now and the Christmas break, Sanders decided it was prudent to withdraw the proposal ignoring the fact that he was an idiot for ever even wasting the time to introduce it. He called the procedural move by Coburn an “outrage” and actually thought he won the day after three hours of the bill (139 pages) had been read. Air America clearly thought he won the day as well … Bernie Sanders Bests Tom Coburn, Withdraws Public Option Bill. Man libs make me laugh sometimes.

The Pope is a Tree Hugger?

Catholics everywhere probably never saw this one coming. First the Church opens up to dialog about creation and now it is talking Global Climate Change? Can you say confusing, conflicting, and completely comical? Pope Benedict said Tuesday that “Industrialized nations must recognize their responsibility for the environmental crisis, shed their consumerism and embrace more sober lifestyles.” The Pope is now getting on board for this NOW? Did someone forget to start an email account for the Leader of the Catholic Church so that he could grasp the gravity of the scandal that now surrounds this little inconvenient truth?