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Mike Tyson on Suarez: “He Bit Someone, It Happens”

Luis Suarez Mike Tyson Bite

Over the weekend, Liverpool striker Luis Suarez appeared to bite – yes bite – Chelsea defender Branislave Ivanovic while the pair were engaged in front of the goal mouth. Needless to say, that’s not exactly normal soccer behavior. His punishment has yet to be announced; but I think it’s safe to say a suspensions is surely in his future. But there is an upside to all of this for the controversial striker. He’s picked up a new Twitter follower – yes, you guessed it. Iron Mike Tyson.

Massive Police Operation in Boston Area; Police Officer Killed at MIT; FBI on Scene in Watertown; Reports of Explosions

Watertown Police Operation MIT Shooting

A massive police operation is underway in the Boston area – specifically Watertown, MA.  The FBI is reportedly on the scene accompanying an assortment of state and local police.  It is not yet known whether the events are related to the Boston Marathon bombing or the manhunt sparked by the release of suspect photos earlier…

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Revealed (VIDEO) (Photos)

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Number Two

The FBI revealed photos and video of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects Thursday afternoon in a plea for help from the American public to help identify the two individuals thought to have played a role in the bombing. FBI lead investigator, Richard DesLauriers, unveiled photos and video of two men carrying backpacks in close proximity to the crime scenes. He went on to say that suspect number two – the one in the white hat was seen placing what they believe to be a bomb at the scene.