Government Shutdown, Obamacare Rollout; Which Will Do More Harm?

Washington Closed

With a rollout of the largest piece of bureaucratic madness looming and destined for several levels of outright failure, Republicans in Washington decided in their infinite wisdom to use passage of a continuing resolution to take a stand against the Affordable Care Act. Instead of letting Obamacare roll out and be seen for what it is – a nightmare wrapped in a quagmire of administrative red tape – Republicans decided to sweep in and focus attention elsewhere.

Rob Portman’s Gay Marriage Reversal Resulted from Son Coming Out

Senator Rob Portman Son Will Portman Gay Marriage

When I first saw the endless array of headlines related to Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s public announcement that he’s changed his position on same sex marriage, I immediately assumed the Left must be driving the conversation. Every headline mentioned Portman’s son “coming out” as if that was the driving issue (or excuse) behind the reversal. I thought, the Left is doing what the Left typically does – minimize the impact of a Republican “doing the right thing” by throwing out the narrative that said Republican really had no other choice. Think of the GOP post-2012-election and immigration if you need an example. They don’t really support immigration reform, they just realized after November’s presidential election that they can’t win going forward unless they soften their tone on the “path to citizenship” side.

Feinstein to Cruz in Heated Gun Debate: “I’m Not a Sixth Grader”

A ban on the sale and manufacture of “more than 150 types of ‘semi-automatic weapons’ with ‘military-style features’” cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday; but not without a bit of fireworks between bill sponsor Dianne Feinstein of California and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. After discussing the “Right of the People” language included in the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments, Cruz asked Feinstein if Congress had the power to take action limiting the Rights spelled out in the First and Fourth Amendments in the same manner her bill aims to limit the Second Amendment.

Obama Sequester Priorities: White House Tours Cancelled; Everything Else as Scheduled

White House Tours Cancelled Waverly School children

On Thursday, after watching a video of Iowa school children pleading with the White House to “please let us visit”, Fox New personality Eric Bolling offered to pick up the tab for an entire week of White House tours if the Obama administration would acquiesce. The plea and the generous offer were in response to the administration’s announcement that all White House tours are cancelled until further notice due to cutbacks resulting from sequestration.

Scalia: “The Judge Who Always Likes the Results He Reaches is a Bad Judge”

Justice Antonin Scalia joined SMU law professor Bryan A. Garner Monday night for a discussion of their latest collaboration – “Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Text.” I checked the law school’s website for video; but as is typically the case when Supreme Court justices speak candidly in this kind of forum, video is hard to come by. But the Dallas News shared a few highlights.

Paul Ryan Talks Entitlements; Makers and Takers (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan on Meet the Press talks entitlements, makers and takers: We don’t want a dependency culture. We want a safety net that makes sure people don’t fall through the cracks; that gets people on their feet. People want the American Dream. They want lives of opportunity. They want to reach their potential. Our concern in this country is with the idea that more and more able-bodied Americans are becoming dependent upon the government than themselves for their livelihoods. We want to make sure we don’t continue that trend…