Rand Paul on Debt Ceiling Debate: Standing on Principle

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

Who would have thought a guy with the last name “Paul” would be among the only elected officials in Washington actually talking reasonably regarding the debt debate currently consuming American politics? In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul shared his thoughts on the current debt debate and reaffirmed the position that he will not support a debt ceiling increase without a plan that guarantees balanced budgets moving forward.

Paul Ryan On the Record with Greta Van Susteren: Debt Crisis, Boehner Proposal (Video)

Paul Ryan On the Record

Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) went On the Record with Greta Van Susteren Wednesday night on the Fox News Channel. No surprise, he’s frustrated; but he seems optimistic that the Boehner proposal will pass and that it’s actually something anybody wants. Some good news here though. Rep Ryan says the Balanced Budget Amendment will still get a standalone vote under the Boehner plan. There’s been some speculation as to whether it would still see the light of day. Bad news is… he didn’t say it would pass; saying only that it would give them an opportunity to “see where everyone stands.” I think we know where “everyone stands” – along party line.

Charles Krauthammer and Fred Thompson Talk Reason, Practicality with House GOP; Paul Ryan Agrees

Charles Krauthammer Fred Thompson House GOP Debt Crisis

There are probably no two living political figures that I agree with (politically) more than the two men that share the headline here – Charles Krauthammer and Fred Thompson. So as I’ve been struggling with this never-ending story that is the debt crisis, I couldn’t help but notice that both of them seem to agree on the path forward for House Republicans.

Sarah Palin: Debt Crisis is More Obama Drama

sarah palin greta van susteren

Sarah Palin On the Record with Greta Van Susteren… says the August 2nd White House/Treasury stated deadline is “More Obama Drama.” The Former Alaska Governor says the deadline is not “life or death” and is nothing more than a scare tactic being employed by President Obama in a similar fashion to that which brought us T.A.R.P. She goes on to say that the President’s “getting pretty good at fear-mongering.”

President Obama Flirting with Economic Disaster to Help Get Re-Elected?

O-Bummer Bumper Sticker

Regardless of how hard the MSM and the Left try to paint the current debt ceiling stalemate as a Republican-driven counter strategy to President Obama’s brilliance and sound leadership model, one would have to be rather naive to ignore the fact that there are always two sides to a stalemate. If not, there’d be no need for words like impasse or gridlock. We’d simply refer to the position as one of stubbornness or incompetence; or conversely as principled or one of conviction. The very idea of a “stalemate” implies two sides unable to come to an agreement on how to proceed. Accordingly, in the current debate; there’s the Republican side of the stalemate; and then there’s the other side.

Obama 2012 Bumper Stickers; Just Some Ideas We’re Kicking Around

Obama 2012 Bumper Sticker 21

Came across a chain email by way of a dear friend who keeps my email inbox on top of such things and had to share it with you. The original author – identity unknown to the millionth person who received his/her forwarded email – pulled together the best Obama 2012 bumper stickers getting kicked around the PR machine. I think they may really be on to something with a few of these. Enjoy.

President Obama’s Address to the Nation: A Few Thoughts From An Angry American

President Obama Addresses the Nation

I’ve just finished watching the President’s address to the nation for the fourth time, and I have to admit… I hated it more every time I watched it. It was by far the worst Obama-speech to date. Frankly, I’m not sure that I have ever seen a president so casually and calmly treat the American People like a brainlessly barren bunch of idiots. To say I was offended would be a gross understatement in every sense of the word. I am outraged.

Tim Pawlenty on Debt Ceiling; “Is President Obama Chicken?”

Chicken Dance

Former Minnesota Governor and presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty weighs in on the debt ceiling debate and reaffirms his support for a “Cut, Cap, and Balance” proposal and a Constitutional Amendment to balance the budget. He also has some sharp words for President Obama and his leadership throughout the debt ceiling debate. “If you’re the leader of the free world, would you please come to the microphone and quit hiding in the basement about your proposals; and come on up and address the American People… Is he chicken?”

Clips From the Sunday Circuit: July 24, 2011

sunday shows meet the press, face the nation, this week, fox news sunday

Debt ceiling, debt ceiling, debt ceiling… The weekly clip-summary of the Sunday political show circuit was devoted to the ongoing negotiations between Congressional Republicans and the White House over raising our nation’s debt ceiling and finding a way to curb out-of-control government spending. It seems that Republicans are to blame and “compromise” is the dirty word that everyone on these panels think we need to throw around with more regularity. Since they’re in the business of advocating the use of “profanity” and Democrats are “Jackasses”… Andrea Mitchell is a dumb-ass; Tim Geithner is a wise-ass; and Tom Daschle is just a plain old-ass. Oh, Senator Richard Durbin’s a “dick.”

Tim Pawlenty on Gay Marriage and Practical Importance of Traditional Marriage

Tim Pawlenty for President

Republican candidate for President Tim Pawlenty sat down with CNN’s Candy Crowley to discuss a number of issues Sunday – including the comeback of the mullet – but I’m certain none will have the legs of their conversation on the issue of same-sex marriage. The MSM loves to paint the Right as the unsympathetic mass that opposes happiness for all in the name of preserving the institution of man and woman as between a man and a woman. I’ve stated very clearly that I believe the matter to be a state issue; or a personal one. Accordingly, while I share some of Pawlenty’s opinions on the matter, I believe it to be an issue of zero import in a presidential election as a central issue.