Senator Corker: Leadership Does Not Want Us to Make Hard Decisions

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker

On the floor of the Senate yesterday, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama asked Senator Corker of Tennessee to weigh in on the prudence of moving forward a Veterans Affairs and Military Construction Appropriations Bill amid the debate over raising the nation’s debt ceiling and in the absence of a federal budget. While both senators support the underlying bill, neither believe it to be sound governance to take up any spending bill until the greater issues have been resolved.

John Boehner, Eric Cantor on Debt: Moving Forward with Cut, Cap, and Balance

John Boehner Eric Cantor

Flanked by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, John Boehner told the press that Congressional leaders have repeatedly asked President Obama to lead on answering our nation’s debt problems; and he has failed to do so. While unwilling to completely close the door on future negotiations and the prospect of reaching a deal with the President and Congressional Democrats, Boehner appeared resolute that he and his caucus will be moving forward with a Republican plan rather than waiting idly for negotiations to produce suitable results.

US Mint Spending Millions to Produce $1 Coins That Nobody Wants

$1 Coins

Humor me for a moment. Reach into your pocket and pull out all of your change. What’d you find? Quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies? Any one dollar “gold” coins? Yeah, didn’t think so. Take that one step further. How’d you feel the last time you were handed one with your change? Angry, irritated, short-changed? I happened to be the proud owner of three right now having received them in my change today from the trip for the morning coffee. The feeling that came over me when the cashier handed me an assortment of coins rather than any paper money compelled me to share this story with you when it came to me in my Inbox. I think you’ll “enjoy” it. That is, if it doesn’t make you scream. Do these people just sit around and dream up new ways to waste our money? Unfrigginbelievable!!

Senator Corker to Bernanke: We’re Two-Bit Pawns in Debt, Spending Game

Senator Corker Budget Committee

Discussing the “US Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy” with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Senator Corker was not only direct and frank in his remarks, but absolutely spot-on in detailing for the Chairman, the Budget Committee, and the American People the real problems facing the US Economy as it relates to potential threats to our credit rating – a broken system of gamesmanship in Washington, out-of-control spending, and a Legislative Body that sees every budding political debate as the next opportunity to increase power for respective caucuses.

Marco Rubio “Shatters the Myth that Tax Increases are a Debt Solution” (Video)

Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio once again demonstrates why he is not only a leader among fellow Republicans, but a true leader in a town with a desperate shortage of men and women capable of claiming such a title. “If someone in Washington has a tax increase that helps create jobs, then now is the time to offer it. I would submit to you you’re not going to find one because there are no tax increases that will create jobs.”

Pentagon Hacked by Foreign Country? 24,000 Files Stolen

Pentagon Cyber Attack

Not exactly the kind of headline that reassures one that our nation’s “secrets” are all that secret now is it? Thursday the Pentagon admitted that earlier this year a cache of sensitive information was “stolen” in a cyber-attack by a foreign country. While officials did not reveal which “nation” committed the act, most believe the likely culprit was either Russia or China who have engaged in similar behavior in the past. The attack, which occurred in March, resulted in 24,000 Pentagon files being stolen from a Defense industry computer network. I’m sure it was mostly chain mail and family photos. Probably nothing to worry about.

USA Wins!! Women’s National Team Advances to World Cup Final

Women's National Team

The US Women defeated a more than up for the effort French team in the semifinals of the 2011 Women’s World Cup to advance to Sunday’s final where they will meet the winner of the Japan/Sweden match. Clearly heavy-legged and battle-tested from their last minute heroics with Brazil, the team faced relentless pressure from the French side who controlled possession for much of the match. After an early goal by Lauren Cheney (9th Minute) put the US ahead, the French even the score in the 55th minute with a strike?cross by Sonia Bombpastor that managed to trickle past the American back line and GK Hope Solo.