Paul Ryan on Divided Government; Solving Fiscal Problems (VIDEO)

Congressman Paul Ryan’s been noticeably (and it seems intentionally) silent since the election in November. Because of that, many have been wondering what posture post-defeat Ryan would take as he moves into the second term of President Obama and positions himself for future ambitions. While a Sunday interview with David Gregory is hardly the place to gauge and determine such things, it does appear that this Ryan plans to look and sound a lot like the old one.

Lady Gaga to Play Inaugural Ball for Obama Staffers

I’m anything but surprised when I see headlines like this anymore. But yes, it seems Lady Gaga is set to perform at an official White House Inaugural Ball. (Notice: I said “an.” There are like two dozen of these things.) That said, this “news” is coming to us from an “anonymous source”; so I suppose we should add a question mark to our headline. Lady Gaga to Play Inaugural Ball for White House Staffers?