RACE 4 2012

A Few Thoughts on the Iowa Family Leader Pledge: Bachmann Signed it, Who’s Next?

Republican Primary Conservative Pledge

This piece of brilliance “The Marriage Vow – A Declaration of Dependence upon Marriage and Family” being floated around by a socially conservative group THE FAMILY LEADER in Iowa. They call it their “Candidate Pledge Document.” Accordingly, they will not support or endorse any candidate that does not sign it. Michele Bachmann was the first to put pen to paper. The rest are expected to follow suit; although, I feel certain most will not.

Thad McCotter for President?

Thaddeus McCotter

Another Member of the House to attempt to do what no sitting member has done since 1880 – win the Presidency of the United States? It looks like Representative Thad McCotter has his sights on doing just that. The Michigan Republican is reportedly set to make the news of his candidacy official July 2 bringing the tally of Congressman in the field to three (Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul).

Chris Christie on 2012 Republican Presidential Field

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Chris Christie says he’s not “legally obligated” to endorse any candidate in the Republican Primary and he’s not looking for a Palin or Perry to enter the race. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the featured guest on this week’s Meet the Press with David Gregory and he certainly did not disappoint. I’d strongly encourage you to watch the full interview here… That said, I thought one segment of the interview was worth a post of its own. In the clip below he talks 2012 – the field, his role, potential endorsements, and dark-horse candidates not yet in the race. Have a look and catch me below the scroll…

Herman Cain Third in Iowa Poll, Snubbed by Face the Nation?

Herman Cain for President

The big 2012 news of the weekend was the release of polling results by The Des Moines Register that showed Michele Bachmann in a statistical tie with perceived front-runner Mitt Romney. Lost in much of that discussion was the fact that Herman Cain moved up to third in the polls, and well ahead of well-entrenched Tim Pawlenty. The news of Herman Cain’s rise was so overlooked that Face the Nation even “forgot” to include him in this graphic – which ran during an interview with Bachmann.

Ten Most Coveted Republican Endorsements?

Republican Field 2012

The Hill has a list of “Ten Coveted Endorsements of Republicans Running for President.” If I’m writing about it, I think you can probably guess that I’m got a few problems with the list. In fairness to The Hill, the list says “coveted” – not “most coveted”, so I guess they left themselves some wiggle-room. Either way, I still have a few problems with their assessment.

Bachmann Moves to the Front in Early Iowa Polls

Michele Bachmann Iowa

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is now statistically tied with Mitt Romney among Iowa voters? Who would have seen that coming six weeks ago?

I suppose one could point to any number of reasons for the remarkable climb- her having been born there, her success at the New Hampshire Republican Debate, her support among the Tea Party faithful, or simply a lack of excitement for the rest of the field – but there is no denying that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has quickly become a major player in the race for the 2012 Republican nomination for President

Michele Bachmann Face the Nation

Michele Bachmann for President

Minnesota Congresswoman and Republican candidate for President, Michele – I give the Left and the MSM night terrors – Bachmann, made an appearance on Face the Nation Sunday. It’s really no secret that Schieffer is in the bag for the left, so old teary-eyes was anything but ready to give Bachmann a free-pass as the newly anointed Republican “front-runner.”