NFL Bets on Romney: Republican Contributions 3 to 1 Over Dems

NFL Republican Democrat Campaign Contributions

I love seeing headlines like this – mostly because they’re so ridiculously misleading. Taken at face value, they make it appear that NFL players are a large part of the equation. But a quick look deeper tells a different story. And come on. Let’s be real. Think about it. A huge chunk of those guys blow so much of their millions that they can’t even pay their gardeners let alone kick in with campaign contributions. But NFL executives and owners can… and their money’s on Mitt Romney.

Olympian Shaun White Arrested

Olympic Medalist and X Games star Shawn White was arrested and charged with public intoxication and vandalism after an incident at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel. Sounds like the snow/skateboarding star really tied one on before mixing it up and heading back to the hotel.

Romney Leaked Video Jokes: “Better Shot at Winning if Parents Were Mexican”

Romney Latino Joke Video leaked

Since you’re going to see this and this everywhere – and I do mean everywhere – tomorrow, I figured it was best to get it up here as well just for good measure. And to go on record saying that I do believe Governor Romney is 100%, absolutely, totally, completely correct. If dude’s parents were actually Mexican – or at least allegedly Mexican, we’d have a Hispanic birther issue on our hands and this election would be a toss-up at best. Instead, we’re stuck with a one-sided deal and a race that all but ignores the fact that one of these candidates is willing to own the fact that his parent was born in another country. And he’s comfortable enough in his own skin to joke about it.