Ohio State Marching Band Forms Harry Potter, Superman, T Rex

OSU Marching Band Superman Harry Potter TRex Michael Jackson

The Best Damn Band in the Land was at it again Saturday as the Ohio State Buckeyes took on Penn State in a pivotal Big Ten match-up. With the scoreline quickly out of hand, the Ohio State Marching Band provided, perhaps, the best reason to stick around until the second half. With video of the band’s Michael Jackson tribute still trending viral, the latest “Trip to the Movies” production is destined to follow suit.

US Soccer vs Panama Field Level Highlights (VIDEO)

United States Gold Cup Panama

US Soccer has finally released field level video highlights its hexagonal-concluding match with Panama. The USMNT pulled out a last second victory in stoppage time spoiling the Panamanian’s World Cup dreams. On balance, that’s probably not entirely accurate. While the USMNT certainly deserves credit for pulling off a W on the road, Panama completely mailed it in and more than deserved the fate that ultimately awaited them.

Real Madrid Inks $130 Million Deal for Tottenham’s Bale

Gareth Bale Heart Celebration

Real Madrid’s pursuit of Welsh footballer Gareth Bale is finally over according to reports. While details of the transfer have not been confirmed, many are speculating that Real may have paid upwards of 100 million euros ($130 million) to secure the former Tottenham play-maker’s services. Bale will now feature alongside international sensation Cristiano Ronaldo leaving most prognosticators to ask, “How many balls do they plan on playing with?”

Mike Tyson on Suarez: “He Bit Someone, It Happens”

Luis Suarez Mike Tyson Bite

Over the weekend, Liverpool striker Luis Suarez appeared to bite – yes bite – Chelsea defender Branislave Ivanovic while the pair were engaged in front of the goal mouth. Needless to say, that’s not exactly normal soccer behavior. His punishment has yet to be announced; but I think it’s safe to say a suspensions is surely in his future. But there is an upside to all of this for the controversial striker. He’s picked up a new Twitter follower – yes, you guessed it. Iron Mike Tyson.

USA-Mexico: World Cup Qualifying Preview

US Soccer #USAvMEX

The United States Men’s National Team is set to square off Tuesday night against arch-rival Mexico in the final group stage of 2014 World Cup qualifying. With a blizzard-inspired win over Costa Rica Friday night, the Americans currently sit in second place and would be more than pleased to leave Estadio Azteca with even a point to show for the effort. Mexico, on the other hand, is very much in need of three points. With lackluster performances against Jamaica and hexagonal leader Honduras, El Tri finds itself in unfamiliar territory – in the bottom half of the group.

Red State Tax Rate Drops Flacco to Second Highest “Paid” NFL Player

Sometimes a “real world” example is the best way to make a point; and sometimes the world of sports provides the best examples – even if the dollars and cents are anything but “real world.” Americans for Tax Reform ran some numbers this week and realized Super Bowl winning quarterback Joe Flacco is not the highest “paid” player in the National Football League – as was reported extensively last week when news of his new contract was announced. You see, there’s a difference between what a player is “paid” and what he actually earns after taxes. That’s “take-home-pay” to folks like you and me. And in the case of the Ravens quarterback, the difference amounts to millions of dollars.

This Dennis Rodman Goes to North Korea Nonsense Makes My Head Hurt

Dennis Rodman Kim Jong Un

You know it’s a slow news week when Dennis Rodman, of all people, is grabbing headlines. You know it’s a really really really slow news week when people are debating whether he somehow legitimized Kim Jong Un and the North Korean regime by watching basketball with the dictator on his recent visit. Yesterday, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos interviewed the former basketball great known as “The Worm” and made headlines of his own for exposing Rodman’s ignorance regarding North Korean atrocities and a history of human rights violations.