Miller Time on New Hampshire, Romney, Newt, Bain, Snoop, and TEBOW!

Dennis Miller Time

Dennis Miller with Bill O’Reilly in Miller Time on Fox News talking Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Bain. Also a little Tim Tebow and Snoop Dogg for good measure… How the last two there follow one another is a bit of a head scratcher. On Gingrich’s Romney-Bain attacks… “Usually a guy as rotund as Gingrich can’t get real accurate when he shoots himself in the foot; but who knew he was such a ‘Utopianist’?”

John 3:16 Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas Lead Denver Broncos Past Steelers

Denver Broncos Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Playoffs

This, or any, Monday wouldn’t be complete without a heartwarming little Tim Tebow story. And since he once again had a hand a rather dramatic finish, I figured it was probably time to show Tebow a little love around here. In full disclosure, I’m anything but a Tebow fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the guy. I’m just not a fan of the football player with Tebow on the back of his jersey. The Tebow hype and hyperbole is more than I can stomach; and I truly feel sorry for his teammates having to field questions about how a 10 for 21 performance was somehow “heroic.” That said, he and his Bronco teammates are compiling quite a list of unexpected and somewhat miraculous victories; and Sunday’s performance may be at or near the top.

Brock Lesnar TKO’d by Alistair Overeem, Retires From UFC

Lesnar Overeem

When I heard Brock Lesnar was fighting Alistair Overeem, I was intrigued. Actually scratch that, when I saw the pair standing toe-to-toe featured in an ad spot, I was intrigued. These men are giants. Just the thought of two men that big pounding on one another was enough to spark an interest. I guess like a lot of things, it sounded much cooler in theory… The fight was a stinker.

Michael Jordan Engaged to Longtime Model Girlfriend Yvette Prieto

Michael Jordan Engaged

The greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, reportedly proposed to longtime girlfriend (and model) Yvette Prieto over the Christmas holiday. Good news story? Check. Baddest dude to ever lace up a pair of sneakers and a smoking hot Cuban-American girlfriend. I call that a win-win. He’s 48. She’s 32. He’s 6’6″. She’s maybe 5′… not so much. But beyond that, good for them.

Klinsmann Names US Soccer January Camp Roster – First, Last Chance for New, Old Faces

US Soccer

US Men’s National Team Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann has named 20 players to the January camp roster to prepare for international friendlies with Venezuela and Panama on January 21 and 25 respectively. The player pool is loaded with fresh faces and Klinsmann is selling the camp and the subsequent matches as an opportunity to find some depth to add to what seems like a relatively established starting 11.

Top Five Viral Sports Videos of 2011?

Real Madrid Copa Del Rey

It’s that time of year. You know, the time of year where folks compile the “best of” lists compiling the greatest moments in this and that for the given calendar year. I pass on most of them; but on occasion, I feel somewhat compelled to share the compilation. Here’s the “best in viral sports videos” from Fox Sports; and a few I added just for good measure. Enjoy. The list from Fox Sports features the obligatory trick shot videos, a bowling clip that is anything but amazing, crying toddler football fans, and Ronaldo and his Real Madrid teammates dropping the Copa Del Rey trophy off the side and under the bus. The top spot in their collection went to a video that never made its way across my desk or to my inbox – a guy’s riding his mountain bike off-road – some place not in Wisconsin – when out of nowhere, he gets speared by an antelope?

Rick Perry – Tim Tebow of Iowa Caucus; Fox News Iowa Republican Debate

Rick Perry Tim Tebow

I’ll be pretty plain about it; Perry did pretty well for himself Thursday night. Coupled with a solid performance in his last outing, I do believe the Texas Governor will be making some rethink writing him off. I can’t say he “won” the night outright, but he was certainly a contender for best moment of the night. His “Reforming Washington” initiative which once spawned the Pelosi debate challenge was extremely well received by the audience and may have been the biggest moment Perry’s had since he proudly announced his candidacy and his intention to make Washington “inconsequential.”

CP3 Chris Paul to Lakers Three Team Odom, Gasol Trade Nixed by Stern

Chris Paul LA Lakers

This is one of those rare occasions where I feel all but compelled to write about something non-political that doesn’t pertain to soccer. I saw the “breaking news” line on ESPN earlier tonight and was elated to hear that CP3 – Chris Paul III – was headed to the Los Angeles Lakers in a three-team trade that would bring the Hornets’ star to Hollywood to play alongside Kobe Bryant.