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I am an ardent believer in full disclosure.  I would much rather tell you at the outset what I am all about than let you follow this site only determine for yourself that I am not what you thought I was.

I am a God-fearing; Catholic participant; quasi-Deistic believer; who loves the ritual of the Catholic faith for the discipline it provides; who believes that the Christian framework is the greatest manifestation of morality that the world has ever seen; who believes in traditional conservative values and loves the Republican Party and all that it is capable of representing; I believe in the American spirit and long for the American dream; I am as proud to be an American as I am to be a Christian.

I believe in the compassion of my fellow citizens and I trust in the free market system and its ability to bolster our economy and support those less fortunate through individual acts of charity.  I am an unapologetic softy when it comes to the needs of the helpless and those afflicted with incurable sickness, but shudder at the thought of government as the solution to either.  I pray every day that their needs will be met by my fellow citizens and the organizations they support.

For everything that I stand for I wholeheartedly support the right of my fellow Americans to adamantly disagree with every word I utter.  I believe there is nothing more American than the right to disagree and to dissent from the commonly accepted conventions of society.

I believe in the glory of the United States and I feel sorry for those who think this nation must apologize for its place in the global community.  I think this nation is truly a “City upon a Hill” and I think that all Americans should carry pride in their hearts and responsibility in their souls to spread the American message to every citizen of this world because such a cause is just and desirable.  I believe in the American Civil Religion and the enduring bonds that unite us all as a nation.  I know this is the “Last best chance for hope in this world” and I intend to do my part to protect it.

I have five heroes in this world and each of them has helped to shape specific aspects of my life.

My father, who has been my “rock” as well as my “hardplace;” he has been my motivation as well as my headache; he has pushed me to understand that nothing in this world will ever be given to any of us; hard work is the only true measure of a man.

My mother, who has been terminally ill for ten years and has fought the fight with Cancer for almost twenty; she has done it with love and compassion and an unwavering devotion to God and the truest ideas of Christianity.  She has never met a person that she didn’t accept with open arms.  Her struggle and her optimism have been a source of inspiration for me and everyone she comes in contact with.

My Priest, Father Joseph Breene, who has made a career of throwing caution to the wind, and challenging the Catholic Church on every outdated convention that plagues it.  He taught me that it was okay to question the status quo and challenge convention; to ask the fundamental questions of “why”.

Joel Osteen, Pastor of the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, who I have only been lucky enough to watch on television and have not yet been privileged enough to meet.  I stumbled across one of his sermons one night in a moment of boredom and channel surfing and have had countless experiences since that time – eventually leading to a habitual participation that rivals anything else in my life.  He has made me realize that religion has a practical message that is fundamental and important to all of us; that God has a place in all our hearts that is more than a formulation of doctrine or dogmatic practices; that it is about living life with a greater purpose and a higher calling; and that Christianity can be all embracing and a second chance for anyone; but most importantly he has given me hope that I too could find a similar relationship with my Creator as that which obviously brings passion and commitment to his life.

And last, but certainly not least is Ronald Wilson Reagan.  His visionary approach to American politics transcended party affiliation in a manner that the nation had never seen and is yet to see since his passing.  His speech at the 1964 Republican National Convention could be replayed in any era and have equal if not greater relevance than in the time in which it was written.  His commitment to conservatism and protecting the intentions of our Founding Fathers has served as a guide to countless Americans, including myself, who wish to preserve the greatness of this nation and all that it represents.


I am deeply conservative, but I have no preconceived notions of what that means.  I endeavor not to change minds, but only to demonstrate the ability to do so.  I think the conversation has been characterized in the “what’s” rather than the “why’s” for far too long.  I think every American owes it to themselves and their fellow Americans to ask themselves both those questions in unison.

We grow up as Americans believing what our parents tell us to believe and then we choose a political party that simply does the same.  Just as we eventually learned that our parents weren’t always right, we must begin to view our political parties from the same cynical perspective.

Right or wrong; Democrat or Republican; Left or Right; we must begin to understand that our beliefs cannot simply be based upon that which is spelled out for us.  We must formulate for ourselves our own core set of principles which can guide our political preferences.  The process must continue to evolve each and every day of our lives.  The principle is constant, but the policies are flexible.

As a matter of policy, I believe in lower taxes and smaller government.  I am sick and tired of the expansion of government on a daily basis.  I think the word entitlement is the undoing of capitalism as well as private charity, and I feel that capitalism in every aspect must be kept at a safe distance from government.

I hate entitlement programs and the dependency they create.  I hate phony liberals but only half as much as I hate phony conservatives.  I hate that conservative radio is vilified for being biased when they proudly and openly admit that they are.  I hate that the general media hates being labeled as biased when they undeniably are as well, but shutter at the idea of admitting it.  I am pro-life but hate it when my conservative brethren characterize our opponents as “pro-abortion.”  I hate that our nation opposes racial bigotry and religious persecution in other nations while we institutionalize them in these “united” states.

I believe in the glory of the United States and I feel sorry for those who think this nation must apologize for its place in the global community.  I think this nation is truly a “City upon a Hill” and I think that all Americans should carry pride in their hearts and responsibility in their souls to spread the American message to every citizen of this world because such a cause is just and desirable.

As you move forward, my admissions may seem contradictory or even incomprehensible.  There will be moments where you may question if I am a “conservative” or even if I am a Christian.  I would encourage you to fully engage yourself in those deliberations as I am a firm believer in questioning all that we are supposed to accept as understood.  My only motive for sharing with you my true beliefs at the outset is to offer the full disclosure that is constantly missing from political discussions.


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